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Ianto was really perky and bouncy yesterday and this morning.  Maybe he really did just need a few days to adjust to the higher prednisone dose.  This morning he even climbed the couch and jumped to the coffee table, where he looked very pleased with himself, especially after knocking over a few DVDs.  It's heartwarming.

I'm glad it's a long weekend coming up.  I am exhibiting an uncharacteristic degree of spaciness this week (I forgot a chiropractor appointment, for one thing) and feel incapable of accomplishing anything.  I am hoping that three nights in a row of enough sleep will help remedy the situation.  I think I am going to have to establish a rule for myself that I must not go near the computer after 10pm on weeknights.  Last night I discovered at 11:15 that emusic has added a ton of the Metropolis back catalogue.  Not good for getting to bed on time.

I'm trying to come up with good music for cane that is not heavy duty mizmar and is not Lebanese pop--i.e. general public-friendly but won't make an Arab audience feel like I'm stealing their dabke time.  No Tannoura for sure.  I love the heavy duty mizmar so much, I have trouble thinking of any other pieces as good for cane.  Even Arab audiences can be challenged by heavy Saidi, though, so I need to find something...

What a lot of TV is on tonight.  I will be a geeky vegetable.
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Phew--purchaser of snake costume loves it, it fits her very nicely (she sent photos--I'm glad it's on a body that suits it, and all is well that ends well.  This was my first major costume sale so I was all kinds of anxious about something going wrong.

An hour of Saidi hopping the same day as a cortisone shot to the ball of the foot was, in retrospect, not at all a good idea.  I suppose if there is any benefit to really mashing the cortisone into the scar tissue, I certainly managed to do that.  Definitely taking tonight off from dancing.  On the positive side, though, it was great to have space to swing my cane.  One thing I really wanted to work on was doing the classic side-to-side hop in time with drums while spinning the cane overhead in time with the mizmars, which are double time--that's awfully difficult to feel safe doing at home, because if that cane goes flying there's just too much stuff to break.  By the time I was done I think had managed to make it look pretty smooth.  This show is going to be so much fun!

I had the studio for a full hour and a half, but it was clear after an hour that my foot couldn't take any more.  So I spent the last half hour doing yoga, which is generally good for following dance anyway but extra good for the chance to check myself with mirrors.  Obviously yoga shouldn't be all about hardcore judging perfectionism, but a reality check now and then is good--yep, that arm is straight, hm, I should reach more from that hip, nope, my shoulders collapse when I do that just like I suspected they were.  It gives one an idea of what needs work and increases confidence when one sees that some things are working just fine.

Finished watching season 4 of The Wire last night.  If you haven't been watching it, you should (provided you have a strong stomach for violence, all the more so since it's horribly not hyperbolized violence)(Chris and Bug's dad--ugh, I could actually only watch that in glimpses though it certainly got the point across).  It is some of the best writing I have ever seen on television; I don't think there has been a single inferior episode in all its seasons.  Add to that a hugely talented cast--every black actor that you've never heard of but should have in Hollywood, plus some excellent white and Latino casting--and it makes for riveting commentary about the state of the nation.  There's context for your Reverend Wrights right there.  Season four was largely about the schools and the challenges teenagers (mostly boys, but some attention was paid to girls) face coming of age in their community.  "Challenges" is such an inadequate word for it, seeing how the season ended.   Hope the final season comes out on DVD soon...

[nerd] also, Omar would make an excellent Gangrel, and his brown coat is ever so appropriate. [/nerd]


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