Aug. 6th, 2009 12:31 pm
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I did a Shoulder Shape-Up yoga DVD last night, or at least part of it--it was very good for me and I think I will buy a copy for myself.  It's a well done instructional, with a section first on breathing (which I skipped, thinking I knew a lot about that already, but will probably go back and watch because the instructor had a lot of good insight on other subjects), then a workshop version of the workout, in which the instructor demonstrates how to do the movements, provides modifications if you can't do them fully and talks through the mechanics of them, and then the workout itself, which doesn't pause for explanations.  I did the workshop part last night and my shoulder girdle felt so open and free afterwards.  I thought I would be more sore today--my arms were shaking when I made dinner later--but I'm not very.  Just based on what I've done so far, I'd recommend this DVD to anybody who is concerned about shoulder posture, works at a desk, drives a lot or is otherwise constricted. 
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Wednesday I did something I have never done before:  bought something knowing full well I was going to return it.  My search for boots in Harvard Square turned out to be, to use an entirely appropriate word, bootless, so I resorted to ordering a couple of pairs of boots online from, which like Zappos has free return shipping.  I'll keep the pair that fits best and ship the other one back, or ship them both back if neither fits and have them ship me some more.  It seems awfully decadent to have stuff delivered to me just to try on, but I guess that's the modern world we live in.  Another advantage of doing it this way is that I get a cashback bonus for using my Discover card at that vendor, so I'm saving money on top of it being more convenient.  Still seems terribly profligate and wrong somehow though.  Shnells, I'd still be into going shoe shopping sometime though, I want to find cute shoes that don't make my feet hurt and that I can go out Arabic-dancing in, if such shoes exist anywhere in this world.

In other shoe news, three days in a row of wearing my Earth shoes has made a real difference in the plantar fasciitis in my right heel.  If you've got PF, I highly recommend Earth shoes.  They continually but gently stretch your calves and ankles and hamstrings.  Good for the hips and lower back, too.

Finally had a chance to get in some yoga last night.  It was much needed.  Of course as soon as I reached savasana the neighbor kids started rampaging, and M was twanging away on his guitar (he uses headphones, but the physical strings are still fairly noisy).  I held an image in my head of the earth lying solid and silent and dark underneath all the activity of life on top of it, eternal and never changing despite all the fuss and bother on its surface, and it was surprisingly effective at keeping all the commotion from affecting me.  I really didn't think I had it in me to relax under the circumstances but I'm glad I did.

Started Season 2 of Torchwood last night, with the famed James Marsters-John Barrowman liplock.  Oh those naughty captains.  And poor jealous Ianto.  The show is rather veering into Lex territory but I still like it.  Pretty people being cool and sexy and tossing off one-liners, nothing wrong with that.

Dreamed last night that it was Raks Spooki showtime, and I realized I'd never written up a schedule.  It's too soon for me to be having anxiety dreams about the show!


Aug. 7th, 2008 01:28 pm
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I admit it, I voted... )
I did Jason Crandall's 77 minute full practice podcast last night.  It is just slightly beyond my level, really, but it's a good challenge and hoo boy did my hips and hamstrings get stretched in 5 billion different directions.  I got solid and seemingly much needed pops out of each shoulder in one of the binding poses--my shoulders and neck feel much freer today.  So, difficult, but the rewards are worth it.
Leopard pants still fit, and the promoter putting on the 60s surf themed night gave the Cramps the okay, so I'll be performing at that in a couple of weeks--more details when I get 'em!
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Saturday my massage therapist worked small miracles on my foot.  I think all my muscles had seized up in response to the constant pain and swelling and were stressed from walking oddly.  I'm still not pain free but I'm considerably more comfortable.  As I said to M, my foot now feels like it has the occasional dull ember in it and not a constant hot sharp knife.  My toes actually hurt more than the ball of my foot now.  I have to be careful not to over use it in the coming weeks but I feel much more optimistic.  I may survive the Morocco workshop and trip to Vegas in decent shape after all.  I ordered a balance board for myself because I think using that in physical therapy really helped keep my arches and ankles strong--I just sold some back issues of a belly dance magazine which covered the cost of the board almost exactly, making me feel quite clever.

Saturday I also watched the Wood Memorial and the Santa Anita Derby.  I'm doing much better this year in keeping up with the major prep races for the Kentucky Derby.  I thought for sure Colonel John was going to fade as they entered the backstretch in the Santa Anita, even saw a moment where I thought he was out of gas, but boy did he dig in deep.  He came out looking really good, too.  Big Brown is still my sentimental favorite, but I think this year there's a lot of talent and a lot of heart going into the Derby.

Sunday I danced!  and did some yoga.  Not as much as I wanted of either, especially given that I'm supposed to present a piece in AJ's class tonight, but still.  I wasn't any more achy after dancing than I was when I started, and I think the yoga actually helped a lot (see above about seized up muscles).  We did a bunch of shopping that evening and I had a little trouble negotiating the endless aisles of Target, but the soreness left after a bit.   We now have a brand new suitcase that is not mildewed from sitting in basements for too many years and a new trash barrel that is not falling apart and has an honest to goodness lid.  Also I now have a pretty plastic swan.  I try not to buy more junk but sometimes it just sticks to you, you know?  Those Schleich models are very cool, I would have flipped over them as a kid and as it was I had to convince myself that we did not need extra horses and elves and unicorns and okapis in the house.  It's like the next generation of Britains Ltd, bigger and more detailed.

Last week I watched Paprika--I think Satoshi Kon is one of my favorite directors ever, anime or otherwise.  His films just keep getting better and better.  I somehow hadn't realized that he did the Paranoia Agent series, but it makes perfect sense.  I love the way he blends the fantastic with serious social commentary.  There's an interview with him, the author of the manga Paprika was based on and the two lead voice actors in the Paprika DVD extras, and he's just so charming.  I'm aesthetically and intellectually smitten.

Dreamed very vividly of Seti last night, I think for the first time since he passed away, or at least the first time this vividly.  It was nice to see him again.  As usual when I dream of past ferrets, the overwhelming sensation was tactile, the feel of fur and warmth.
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Phew--purchaser of snake costume loves it, it fits her very nicely (she sent photos--I'm glad it's on a body that suits it, and all is well that ends well.  This was my first major costume sale so I was all kinds of anxious about something going wrong.

An hour of Saidi hopping the same day as a cortisone shot to the ball of the foot was, in retrospect, not at all a good idea.  I suppose if there is any benefit to really mashing the cortisone into the scar tissue, I certainly managed to do that.  Definitely taking tonight off from dancing.  On the positive side, though, it was great to have space to swing my cane.  One thing I really wanted to work on was doing the classic side-to-side hop in time with drums while spinning the cane overhead in time with the mizmars, which are double time--that's awfully difficult to feel safe doing at home, because if that cane goes flying there's just too much stuff to break.  By the time I was done I think had managed to make it look pretty smooth.  This show is going to be so much fun!

I had the studio for a full hour and a half, but it was clear after an hour that my foot couldn't take any more.  So I spent the last half hour doing yoga, which is generally good for following dance anyway but extra good for the chance to check myself with mirrors.  Obviously yoga shouldn't be all about hardcore judging perfectionism, but a reality check now and then is good--yep, that arm is straight, hm, I should reach more from that hip, nope, my shoulders collapse when I do that just like I suspected they were.  It gives one an idea of what needs work and increases confidence when one sees that some things are working just fine.

Finished watching season 4 of The Wire last night.  If you haven't been watching it, you should (provided you have a strong stomach for violence, all the more so since it's horribly not hyperbolized violence)(Chris and Bug's dad--ugh, I could actually only watch that in glimpses though it certainly got the point across).  It is some of the best writing I have ever seen on television; I don't think there has been a single inferior episode in all its seasons.  Add to that a hugely talented cast--every black actor that you've never heard of but should have in Hollywood, plus some excellent white and Latino casting--and it makes for riveting commentary about the state of the nation.  There's context for your Reverend Wrights right there.  Season four was largely about the schools and the challenges teenagers (mostly boys, but some attention was paid to girls) face coming of age in their community.  "Challenges" is such an inadequate word for it, seeing how the season ended.   Hope the final season comes out on DVD soon...

[nerd] also, Omar would make an excellent Gangrel, and his brown coat is ever so appropriate. [/nerd]
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I like to rent various yoga DVDs from Netflix, in a try before I buy kind of plan.  This afternoon, I did The Firm: Power Yoga DVD.  It was short, about 32 minutes, but packed a fair amount of activity into those 32 minutes.  And therein lay its flaw, at least for me.  The DVD describes itself as being yoga without any of that spiritual stuff, just a pure physical workout, and that's what it is.  I do feel that post hard workout feeling, but what I do not feel at all is the sense of ease and balance that comes after a good yoga session.  I've often maintained that I learn something from every DVD, no matter how good or bad it is, and what I learned from this one is that I have come to really crave the spiritual/mental benefits of yoga.  So despite the DVD's avowed non-spiritual take, it still provided me with a form of enlightenment ;-)
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So far this day has not gone as planned.  I tried to put down the storm windows in the kitchen this morning, only to be defeated by odd angles and inferior upper body strength.  We turned on the heat last night as it was 28 degrees outside, but the frugal Yankee in me was horrified that we were doing this when there were still storm windows up anywhere in the house (not to mention the a/c still in the bedroom window).  Hopefully M will have more success than me.  Then I planned to bring a couple of sleeping bags to the drycleaner's so that next week's houseguest does not have to sleep in a layer of cellar dust, but luckily I looked at their tags before schlepping them over, as they state emphatically Do Not Dry Clean.  So I guess I am spending my Saturday afternoon at the laundromat.  I'd rather hoped to spend it at the used book store or maybe the fabric store, but maybe I can do everything.  The long weekend will help.

It looks like I am dancing at Arisia again this year, and yesterday I had a frakkin' brilliant idea for my performance.  There's one prop I would really like that is a bit on the expensive side for a one-off thing, but the rest of the costuming will be pretty cheap, so I might go for it.  It would add a lot to the costuming and provide a good psychological lift as well.

Had the time last night for a real yoga session for the first time since coming home from Montreal, and it felt like a luxurious unfurling.  Today I still carry some of that feeling with me.  I used Eric Schiffman's DVD, the Ali McGraw one.  I do sometimes practice on my own without a DVD, but I find a DVD makes me do the poses I would be inclined to avoid on my own.  Plus I find the practice on that DVD very effective and soothing.  When I first started doing yoga I tried it and was hopelessly overchallenged, but now it is like comfort food almost.  I know the poses and the principles behind them now and can settle into expressing them with intention and commitment.  It's very satisfying.  Also, I love when during tree pose Eric says "It's all right if you sway.  Trees sway."  Just something about his mellow California voice, treeeeees all drawn out, makes everything ok.

I have already eaten too much chocolate today.  Theobromides, hell yeah!
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Was back and forth about going to a party tonight but I fell sound asleep on the living room floor during savasana.  The world is a very strange place right now.  Think I should stay in.  Just me and the weasel and dance dvds, if I can keep my eyes open...  This is what happens when you start your day off with a massage.

Watched the Boston belly dance documentary last night.  For a student project, it's really pretty good.  The sound levels had some problems and her filming conditions weren't always optimal, but I think an interesting portrait of a community comes across.  Hate my footage dancing in the ME, I look like Ms. Pillsbury Dough Lady, but I have to admit that objectively speaking, other dancers filmed on the same night look much larger than I know they are in real life so I am trying not to beat myself up too much about it.  The interview portion is funny, I'm used to watching me dance but it's odd to watch myself talk.  I totally get the Jodie Foster thing now.
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Season Two of the Muppet Show is coming out in August!  More frogs and dogs and pigs!

Such a strange performance at the Middle East last night.  The audience was flatter than a pancake, with a couple of exceptions.  The first few tables were taken up with people who seemed to know the music and enjoy dancing themselves, looked Arab, I don't know if they were just withholding their approval from dancers until they'd seen what the dancers could do or what.  They watched me most of the time, but expressionlessly.  It was like dancing for a roomful of white people, I tell you.  The funny thing is that I was pretty happy with how my set went, so who needs the audience anyway!  And there was one guy in the back who went crazy for Hassan Ya Khouli, of all things, so if my old-fashioned taste made somebody happy, then I'm happy too.  Insecurely, I wondered if they just didn't like me, but M told me that the audience was the same for the dancer before me, an amazing entertainer, so I'm not going to take it personally.  And at least they did pay attention, and didn't look *unhappy*, just neutral.  Someone did get up to dance during my set; I wasn't sure exactly how to take that since I hadn't invited her up, but I danced over to her and smiled, we danced together a little and she sat down again, so I think that was okay.  I do feel like I could have done more to engage the audience, but then again, the dancer who was on before me is very good at that so maybe it wouldn't have mattered.

That yin yoga sequence from Yoga Journal was pretty cool.  I would post a link, but it seems to be in the print magazine only, not the website.  The goal in a yin practice is to stay in the pose until your body says "I don't like this any more" and then convince it to stay longer and surpass the discomfort, gently pushing boundaries and overcoming one's innate tendency to back off once things start getting uncomfortable--not approaching injury, of course, but not automatically retreating in the face of difficulty.  Most of the poses in the sequence I used were seated, reclining or supported, so they delivered intense stretching rather than active striving.  The article suggested holding poses for at least one minute and preferably five; I found some poses I wasn't able to hold for more than two or two and a half minutes, but others I just lost time in, feeling my way deeper and deeper into the stretch and eventually realizing I'd spent well over five minutes in a pose.  I felt like I was floating afterwards.  I could feel a relaxation deep into my hamstrings, loosening up some chronically knotted areas.  I will definitely incorporate this into my regular practice--if nothing else this kind of sequence will make for a great cool down after dancing at night--and try to learn more about it.  The curmudgeonly anthropologist in me rather dislikes the term "yin yoga" for its hodgepodge mixing of cultures and philosophies, but I'll learn to deal with it.

Short dance class tonight; we're just running through our solos on the recital stage, it's not even a real class.  It will be nice to get home on the earlier side. 
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  • Yoga Journal stress DVD is pretty good, I did the stress reduction practice last night and lo and behold, my stress was reduced.  There's a neat feature where once you start a pose, you can start a timer that's embedded in the DVD so that you can hold the pose for 2, 5 or ten minutes.  Nifty what technology can do!  I'm really looking forward to the floor not being so cold in a couple of months, though.
  • Must put plastic on windows tonight, speaking of cold floors.  It seems sort of a waste to do it now, but there's a veritable breeze coming through the kitchen windows, and since I have plastic left over from last year it's not like I have to spend any money to do it.
  • Ronan was bouncy and playful yesterday morning!  He doesn't have a lot of endurance, but he's scampering around every now and then.  It clearly makes Seti very happy, not to mention making us happy!  The rabbit based kibble was a resounding failure ("why are you putting clearly inedible things in my food dish?" the look on his little face said), but he seems healthier now so maybe a chicken sensitivity isn't an issue.  We did bump up his pred dosage about five weeks ago, so maybe it's just taken this long for the increased dosage to take effect.  Seti likes the rabbit kibble, which I suppose is good if he ever needs it.
  • today's BPAL is Cathedral:  "Venerable and solemn:  the scent of incense smoke wafting through an ancient church.  A true ecclesiastical blend of pure resins."  I love Demeter's Holy Water but am always disappointed by how quickly it wears off, and I was hoping this would be like that.  They are certainly similar, and one of the best components of Holy Water, a certain dusty marble and limestone scent, is in Cathedral as well, and I definitely catch frankincense in there too.  However, there's something in it to which I am definitely allergic (or possibly I am a demon, despite smelling like a saint last week), so I won't be using this one again.
  • Downloaded the Azam Ali Elysium remix ep from emusic.   I have mixed feelings--some of them are definitely good club songs, but it's at the expense of some of what makes her music so special, that unique Persian sound.  So far I like the ZAMAN 8 mix of Endless Reverie best.  Maybe I would like all of them better in an actual club where I would be actually dancing while listening.  Except the Bombay Dub Orchestra one, which just goes on and on forever, it's more of a composition than a mix really.
  • Zehara's snake rescue benefit thing has been postponed until July, so I'm free and clear to go to the Faten Salama workshops now!  Yay!  She's covering meleya and hagallah, things that make me happy.  I am going to be brave and dance in the hafli following the workshop.  I had what I think was a killer gothic set in mind for Zehara's show, but I've also been wanting more--any!--classical or folkloric Egyptian performance opportunities, so I feel like all around, I win.
  • I don't like ice under my feet.  Not one little bit.
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When I make a pie, as I am currently in the process of doing (comforting myself with apples, as it were), I usually take the crust trimmings and bake them with cinnamon sugar for a tasty little sweet treat.  Tonight, instead of sprinkling the trimmings with cinnamon sugar, I brushed them with olive oil and herbes de Provence--such a brilliant idea!  Basically I made oven-fried fat with seasonings, but oh boy is it ever good!

I have felt pretty awful all day today, largely due to having ground my jaw all night resulting in splitting head and neck pain most of the day.  The restorative yoga class was interesting--I'm glad I hauled myself out of bed and went.  I was able to focus and learn despite the headache.  For anyone interested in Vinyasa intensive yoga classes, there will be a free class at the Arlington Center from 2:30-4:00 on Sunday afternoons once a month as part of their teacher training program.  I found the trainees very knowledgable and confident, and the trainee to student ratio meant lots of individual attention, even though the place was jam-packed.  [ profile] shnells , on December 3 there's a free therapeutic yoga class as part of a training weekend of working with people with back and spinal injuries/issues.  I may try to make it to that one myself.

Danced this evening, as I have to perform in class tomorrow night.  I didn't want to do it, so I offered myself the apple pie as a reward.  Now I am better prepared, and I have pie!  My body is still really shot, but I was pleasantly surprised by what I could get out of myself.  Did more yoga afterwards, which I think reawoke the restorative effects of the afternoon's class.

Time to get the pie out of the oven!
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Such an odd yoga class I just had.  We had a substitute teacher, and at first i thought she was taking things at a way too basic level for us.  But of course, I soon found/remembered that sometimes with yoga the simplest things are the most difficult, if you throw your whole mind and body into it.  So in some respects it was good, but in other respects--we did a lot of work with folding chairs, and I think I pinched something in my upper back doing that backbendy legs through the back of the chair thing, plus we hadn't been doing any breath work at all, so my lungs and diaphragm weren't really prepared to breathe upside down and stretched out.  I got value out of the class, for sure, particularly with some pointers about creating space in your knees, but all in all, I'm not entirely sure what I thought.  It was kind of like that rosemary-infused gin gimlet I had at Tryst earlier in the week.  I *think* I liked it, but I'm not sure that I didn't also dislike it.

I put my yoga mat in the washing machine.  I'm a little afraid to look at the results...
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Nicole Kidman has been cast to play Mrs. Coulter in The Golden Compass--I think that's the first piece of unqualified good news I have yet to read about the upcoming film adaptation.

Dancing last night went pretty well.  The Nourhanne song (Eta'alim) is a keeper for sure.  I thought my drum solo was a scattered mess, but on the way back to the car M said he really liked my drum solo, so shows what I know, I guess.  I don't know what bands were playing in Central last night, but the drunk testosterone levels were a little out of control.  Nothing in the restaurant, mostly, but more people outside the window.  Usually the crowd outside the window are Zuzu hipsters having a cigarette, and they make a nice kind of secondary audience.  Last night, though, bleh.  I got tipped by a teenage girl who is just learning about belly dance and was all starry-eyed all night watching the dancers, so that more than made up for anything else.  Plus it was very nice to see [ profile] _perihelion_  and [ profile] ambrspyglssband.

I'm sore from yoga class but in a way that makes me feel stronger.  No "adventurous" poses yesterday, but a lot of focus on really grounding and integrating some basic poses, and that is just as strenuous in its own way.  I have a big old bruise on my right thigh from a wild leap I made to escape a Park Street cockroach* on Friday; although it ached during class, I think stretching it out has helped keep it from getting too bad.

*not only did I whack my leg on a railing, but I yelped, too.  No dignity whatsoever.  But it ran right at my sandeled foot!
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The internet is choosing to work this evening, yay.  Earlier in the day it was sulking.

Just finished re-watching The Chronicles of Riddick and I have to say, the movie does stand up.  I probably enjoyed it more now than I did in the theatre.  I think when it came out, it was somewhat hurt by the hype about it being a serious sci-fi epic in comparison to Pitch Black.  It is certainly a more ambitious film than Pitch Black, but I think everyone involved in it, right down to Dame Judi Dench, had a healthy sense of perspective about what they were doing, which was not creating a sci-fi masterpiece but rather creating a solid piece of entertainment that called strongly to the inner geek in all of us.  Well, all of us geeky people anyway.  The writers and producers still should have chosen a better bad guy name than "Necromongers," but all in all, it's a satisfying flick.

Oh, all Riddick does with his sabre claws is punch with the serrated bits and stab with the pointy bits, which would be of limited usefulness for dancing unless I really take a dislike to the front row.  But he does carry them in this neat rigging on his back in a way that makes them reminiscent of angel wings.  I had been thinking about how to start dancing with them, whether to just have them in hand from the start or plant them on the floor ahead of time, but this has some possibilites.  I should write Vin Diesel and tell him about all this, I suspect he'd find it amusing.

I was the Riddick of kitchen cleaners today--the floor still needs a proper scrubbing, but otherwise the kitchen is spotless.  I even scrubbed the dishdrainer.  Yoga class was very good.  The teacher was pushing us, but it was good.  It's interesting to discover which of your limitations are mental rather than physical.  I went into half-handstand thinking "oh, I can tell this isn't going to work" and then to my surprise it did work.  Crow pose did not work but I could feel how it could, I can be patient with myself.

Ronan is already showing distinct signs of improvement after three doses of medication--the vet said it would work fast, but this is impressive.  Even his belly looks less distended.  It was funny looking at the x-rays, even though it was just his insides it still looked like him.  I would have recognized his x-ray in a pile of ferret x-rays, I'm sure.

Speaking of insides, I was surprised to hear my mom say today that she wants to go see Body Worlds at the Museum of Science.  Don't know why, but I didn't expect her to.  Maybe we can have a family outing.  Because really, who better to view dead people with than the people who made you alive?  I think I want to see it, although I am somewhat turned off by von Hagen's self-promotion (necromonger!) and I don't think he was ever able to disprove the allegations that he has used the corpses of executed prisoners, though nobody else was able to prove it, either.  Dead prisoners should have the same rights as all the other dead people, I guess.
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Arlington will have beer and wine stores this summer!  yay!  No hard liquor, but still, this is a first in town history.  If I had that kind of investment money, I would totally quit my job and open a quality wine and beer shop somewhere on Mass Ave, dedicated to affordable yet drinkable beverages. 

I totally called Libby's history, weeks ago.

blah blah blah )
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Wonderfully awesome yoga class yesterday, just the right balance of standing and twisting and backbends for me to be reduced to a happy little corpse at the end.  And I felt all proud of me because I was one of the few people in class comfortable in reclining hero pose--not because I'm super bendy yoga girl, but because to me, that's a belly dance move ;-)

The class left me a little too mellow for my performance at the Middle East last night though; I felt like I was falling all over my feet, between blissed out fatigue and the fact that my satin circle skirt's waistband is a little too loose so it was hanging down a little too close to the ground and tripping me.  It's a good thing that I've lost weight, but I need to alter all my costumes, if I am feeling optimistic about keeping it off.  Though maybe it's not so much that I've lost weight as I've gotten better with posture.  I don't own a scale because I find numbers have the power to make me suffer, so I avoid them.  Anyway response was positive to what I did, especially my drum solo (I got people clapping along), but I felt sloppy, like my muscles were mushy and had no pick up.  Which was probably exactly the case.

I stuck around for a little while to see some of classmate Nikki's set, and I was glad I did--that woman is seriously talented.  She did a sword dance to some kind of cheesy remix electronica but the cheesiness worked.  If you're familiar with Jehan's music, it was that kind of thing (maybe it was Jehan music, for all I know).  It's funny because I'd been watching The Golden Apple:  Bellydance Stars of New York earlier in the day and marvelling at how very talented dancers can be so boring when dancing to new agey 4/4 electronica.  Nikki blew those dancers out of the water last night.  Part of it is probably the difference between watching a staged DVD and a live club performance, but she had a dynamism and responsiveness to the music that I wasn't seeing on the DVD.  Anyway, she's a great dancer and a great entertainer.

Stayed up too late due to residual adrenaline and finding the movie Orgasmo while channel surfing.  Because it's not like I've never seen it before...  Had planned to bring my wings to my office to do some practicing after hours, but decided to give me a small break as I expect I'll be dancing every night until next Monday, and I did take pretty much everything out of myself yesterday and only got 4.5 hours of sleep last night.  The Yoga Journal e-newsletter thoughtfully sent me a recipe for sundried tomato and goat cheese penne, so I think I'll make that tonight instead of dancing.  I miss cooking.  (How the recipe can say the prep time is ten minutes when the first step is to soak the sundried tomatoes for 15 minutes, I don't know.  Maybe it's a yoga thing.)
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Today my iliopsoas are killing me, but that's good, it means I was accessing them and not trying to make other muscles do the work in yoga class on Sunday.  And really they're not so much killing me as just seriously bitching me out every time I move them.    Must repeat some of those poses tonight to reinforce the muscle memory.

Tonight I meet with [ profile] nepenthe01  to start work on new choreography, and if I have the energy for it I'll do yoga when I get home.  Tomorrow I must work on the music that I'm presenting in class on Thursday.  I'm presenting once again a piece that I did earlier in the year because I have been striving not to be too busy with it; the first time around I tended to match the velocity of the rhythm with my feet, which led to much frenetic movement and not enough hipwork.  It was suggested back then that I should present it again later in the year, so that's what I'm doing.  Plus I have no time to work on something new, and I can use it along with a drum solo and finale on Sunday night at the Middle East.

Just got a gorgeous pair of double semi-circular veils from A'kai--they are purple at the top (the straight edge) and fade out to pale lavendar at the bottom.  We will be doing double veil at some point this semester in Amira Jamal's class, which is how I justified the purchase, plus I can use a veil individually as an entrance veil for Egyptian pieces.  Double veil is pretty firmly American Cabaret (and I guess German Cabaret, if that's a separate school which I think perhaps it is) but it is so wonderfully purty.  I'll have to put an instructional dvd on my wish list.  The veils themselves are just gorgeous, I couldn't help swishing around the apartment oohing and ahing at them when they arrived.

Anybody have any recommendations with regard to little mini folding (or otherwise travel-friendly) speakers for mp3 players?  I think I may end up getting some from Radio Shack since that's what's convenient for me (and I'd like them today, so online won't really work), but if they are yucky I may return them and get something else.
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Had a much needed weekend where much time was spent with M.  Life gets so full so fast, it's easy to let that time slip away.  Not this weekend though.  Among other things, we saw Nightwatch (liked it, it wasn't perfect but it was intriguing and I want to see more) and ate at Ole Mexican Grill, where I had the most amazing dish of sauteed mushrooms with sweet potato puree, green beans and mini squashes and spicy greens (watercress, maybe) with a mole balsamic reduction--it may not sound that exciting, but it was heaven on a plate.  And I had almond-flavored tequila as an after dinner beverage.  I don't know anything about tequila, but it was very very tasty.

Sunday I got up rather earlier than I would have liked for a workshop on feet at the yoga center down the street.  Was happily surprised to see [ profile] shnells there.  The workshop was very good.  It approached feet from a Feldenkrais perspective, which clicks well with me because it's all about the actual bones and how they work together.  I discovered that I am somewhat wierded out by manipulating my toe joints and metatarsals, a mild version of the same feeling I get when I see/hear cracking knuckles, which was a little telling in and of itself.  But the lessons learned were valuable and I think this will help my feet.  Even by the end of the class i was thinking of my feet less as those things at the ends of my ankles that cause me problems and more as an interesting and useful collection of bones and muscles that have an effect on the rest of my body, and I do think a mental shift like that has the potential to affect my general foot health.  In my copious spare time I'd like to explore more of this Feldenkrais stuff. 

A couple of hours later I went back to the Arlington Center for my first yoga class in quite some time, five weeks maybe.  I've been doing DVDs at home, but it's not at all the same, especially when the instructor is focusing mostly on the types of poses that one tends to avoid on one's own--a lot of standing and balancing poses (I tend to focus on twists and hip openers at home, not that I'm especially skilled at either but they feel so good and help unwind a lot of dance-induced and sitting-in-a-chair-all-day-induced tension).  My endurance is pretty shot after these two and a half months of near-perpetual illness, I was sad to find.  Although it's also possible that the morning workshop was more strenuous than it seemed at the time, since it was all slow gentle movements, and had taken more out of me than I realized.  But it was wonderful to feel breath flowing up and down my airways unimpeded, even when my torso was upside-down, and I'll get my stamina back.  In a way, discovering I had lost stamina was an interesting lesson in itself; I've obviously been dancing throughout this time, doing some pretty physically grueling stuff, yet holding one pose and standing still with it for two minutes took far more out of me than a five minute drum solo would.  It is harder to be made of stone than it is to be made of water.

Watched the Nick Cave concert film Live at the Paradiso last night.  Sigh.  I wish Nick Cave were still that cool.  I think that's about my favorite era, too, just after Henry's Dream came out and before Warren Ellis got too involved with the Bad Seeds.  Not that I dislike Warren Ellis at all, but his arrival marked a certain turning point in the overall sound, for better or for worse.  Anyway, highly recommended to any Nick Cave fans who haven't seen it yet, and it's available from Netflix.  Watching it I was again reminded that From Her to Eternity is one of the most perfect songs ever, the kind of song that you could exist in forever while it's playing and leaves you shaken when it ends.


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