Jul. 8th, 2010 12:04 pm
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I am currently reading China Miéville's The City & The City--to the writer of the cover blurb that says the book is the lost love child of Philip K. Dick and Raymond Chandler raised by Franz Kafka, I say yes, that's exactly it, and oh yes, I am loving it.  About a third of the way in so far.

Oh, and last night was SYTYCD.  SYTYCD spoilers )

It made it all the way down to 82 in the house this morning, so the ferrets got to come out and do their own dancing for a bit.  Happy weasels!

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There's a long-standing tradition among a group of my friends to have a big party once a year and exchange music mixes (originally on CD, but now on all kinds of media).  My theme for this year's mix was simply songs I liked a lot in the last year or so, though the theme also could have been polyglot, with at least four languages represented.  Anyway, this is it:

1.            c’est Moi—Rupa & the April Fishes

2.            My Night With The Prostitute From Marseille—Beirut

3.            Last Night—Gudrun Gut

4.            Demain tu te maries—Biyouna

5.            culpa de la luna—Rupa & the April Fishes

6.            Le Noir—Nicole Renaud

7.            Tashweesh (Interference)—The Kronos Quartet

8.            Talibán Del Amor (El Remolón Remix)—Dead Menems

9.            Sixteen, Fifteen, Fourteen—PJ Harvey

10.          VCR—the xx

11.          Dog Days Are Over—Florence & the Machine

12.          Cumbietón Rutero—Axel K Soundsystem

13.          Daylight And The Sun—Antony & the Johnsons

14.          Skeletons—Yeah Yeah Yeahs

I got silentq's mix, haven't listened to it yet but it looks great :-)

Edgar was such a champ at the vet's office today.  I thought he'd be far more stressed out, but he took everything in stride.  He also cracked everybody up by taking his own rabies vaccination certificate and putting it in the carrier to bring home.  That's our paper collecting boy!  Vet agreed with me that he's certainly starting the early stages of adrenal gland disease, so he got some Lupron today and another tiny little deslorelin implant will be winging its way from Australia shortly.  I'm glad that the vet and I are on the same page regarding surgery vs medication for adrenal gland disease.  Surgery may give a slightly longer life span, but it carries so many attendant risks, plus when the right adrenal gland is the one affected it sometimes can't be removed anyway because it wraps around the vena cava.  The implant procedure has minuscule risk associated with it, no recovery period and immediate benefit.  So it really seems to me to be the way to go.
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We dropped off Sissy early early this morning for her deslorelin implant procedure--just heard back from the vet that all went well, and Sissy's up and stashing kibble all around her cage :-) So now we wait and see if the implant can put the brakes on her overactive adrenal glands (technically I think it will put the brakes on her overactive pituitary gland so that it will stop sending go to work signals to the adrenal glands, but it all has the same end result). The vet was also happy with Sissy's general appearance and weight. Considering how close we came to losing her last year due to her digestive issues, it's really rather miraculous. It also really makes me think I am on to something in feeling that she has a chicken intolerance, since she is doing so well on turkey-venison-lamb kibble.

In other good news department, I heard today that Karim Nagi will perform a Turbo Tabla piece at the Haiti benefit! Yay!!!
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Edgar can now climb on my computer desk. Which he did with great gusto and glee over and over last night, until everything that had been on the desk was on the floor. Ah, life with weasels...

Sissy gets her implant next Friday. Very exciting!
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Firefighters saving ferrets in Cambridge! I have heard since then that the ferrets are suffering some ill effects from smoke inhalation but are expected to recover.
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It seems to be the thing to be doing, so my 2009 in a handful of points:
  • started 2009 with my foot still in pretty wretched shape, but by Feb or March the alcohol injections finally killed off that nerve in the ball of my foot, and slowly I've come to be able to count on my feet to be there for me once again.  I still have some resculpting to do (that's really how it feels, like I am rebuilding the way my ankles and feet work) and I'm still not 100 percent pain free but I'm optimistic that to a large degree I can change what nature and nurture dealt me and have strong functional feet again.
  • lost a fair amount of weight but more importantly gained a lot of strength in my legs and core.  I feel I have a lot more power in my movements now, whether it's dance or yoga or just daily activity.  I like this and I am determined to keep it.  It's hard work but it's rewarding.  On a related note, with the exception of the last two weeks or so, I've been happy with the diet I've created for myself--not diet in the sense of weight loss program, but diet in the sense of well rounded nutrition, food that tastes good and sustains me. 
  • Danced in a variety of different venues, and in the process have been sounding out what is important to me as a dancer in terms of my goals and ideals.  Definitely a work in progress, some lessons are not always so pleasant, but it's part of being an artist.
  • Lost my ferret Ianto, but that was tempered by being so glad that we were able to give him a good loving home in the evening of his life.  He was such a sweet fellow, with his little Ianto prancing walk.  And his loss meant that we were in the right place at the right time to give a home to Edgar, who is quite the endearing character and brings us much joy.  Little Sisiutl has stayed a constant, deepening her bonds with me and welcoming the new guy along with us.
  • Got a Zipcar membership and started driving regularly again, for the first time since 1995 or so.  It's been very freeing and liberating, and nowhere near as scary as I thought it would be.  I've enjoyed driving a variety of different cars through Zipcar, and I've equally enjoyed not having the responsibility of car ownership.
  • Took the kind of plunge I'd been promising myself I would do for *years* and applied for a new job which represented a step up in my career--and got it!  The whole process went so smoothly it was like a dream, and clearly meant to be.  I'm very happy in the new job, while grateful for all that I learned in the old job.  Executive Assistant may not seem like a glamorous or important sort of career, but trust me, all your companies, non-profits, universities, etc would fall down without talented and intelligent people providing structural support.
  • Held Raks Spooki IV--I can't believe it has now happened four times!  I made a leap of faith that the market was still there even in this economy and moved to a larger theatre, and my faith was pretty justified.  Lots of thoughts for how to run next year's!  As always, the variety of creativity and talent on display in the show was humbling to me as the organizer.  I'm very proud to be able to put on this show.
  • Bought an iPod Classic, which seems like a small thing, but I am loving it so it bears mentioning.
  • Set in motion the process of renting regular studio space in a quiet place, something I have been deeply craving for a long time.  The studio is part of a small artists' community and I am excited about the synergy of that as well.
For 2010, I essentially just want to keep on track with the things I've been doing well.  I need to be a little better with keeping up with foot exercises.  I am really looking forward to utilizing that studio time.  We will have our tenth wedding anniversary in 2010.  I want to get out to more concerts, live music of any style that strikes my eclectic fancy.  I definitely want to travel outside of the Boston area for dance workshops more often.  I want to keep learning more about mixology, and get brave enough to start making drinks up, drinks that actually taste good.  In the end, perhaps none of those things are individually that important, but in sum they equal the process of building my life onward and upwards, improving what I can and accommodating what I can't.

Happy New Year, everybody!  May the triumphs and joys of the past year continue to sustain you, and may those you have lost live on as beautiful memories within.
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This weekend we took down Edgar's old cage and packed it off to the basement. It really felt like closing the previous chapter of his life for good, a sign that he is so settled in here that he doesn't need any of the trappings of his old life any more.

We also went to the New England Aquarium yesterday, primarily to see the new marine mammal center but we ended up spending a lot of time watching penguins as well. One of the funnier moments of the day was when M asked me what the penguins with the yellow feathers on their heads were called, and he heard my answer of "Rockhopper penguins" as "rock opera penguins." So that is what we called them for the rest of the day, because it suited them so well. The new marine mammal center right now is just northern fur seals, but that is alright as they are very beautiful and so obviously intelligent. One of them looked like she was dancing in the water, striking poses, drifting into new ones. We found a sign that said although seals don't seem to do this in the wild, once you train a seal to dance, it does it all the time on its own. That is a wonderful thing. Outside, we saw two of the harbor seals do a very silly dance for their trainer, holding their upper bodies out of the water and waving their flippers up and down in unison. I don't think anybody who could see it could help but smile. If I were to become any animal, I think I would be a seal.

I am really liking Stargate Universe. It is indeed highly derivative of many other shows, but it does its deriving quite nicely, and manages to feel like something new.

This is going to be a long week.
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Last night I found Edgar sucking on Sissy's neck and kneading at her with his front paws, while she did her best to ignore him. It was cute yet disturbing at the same time. And definitely proof that those Marshall Farms ferrets are taken away from their mothers too early. In general they are cozy enough with each other that we're not locking him in his cage any more, and given that he hasn't been sleeping in it for several days, I think we can finally put it away. He's still skittish and easily startled, and plays a little too rough for my liking with little Sisiutl, but in general he's settled in really well. Yay!

I'm dancing at 11:30pm at the Middle East this Sunday. For once I am being sensible and making a set out of all music I have used before, with the exception of one Hakim song but if you've danced to other Hakim songs, you can dance to them all pretty much.

Looking forward to cheering on Zenyatta in the Breeders Cup Classic tomorrow. If she wins, or even puts in a gutsy show or place, this is truly the year of the filly and mare in horse racing. I'd be glad to see it. If a filly is just as big and strong as a colt, there's no reason not to run her with the colts. And if that messes with the statistics a future breeding sire is compiling to determine his future worth, then good, frankly. Racing veers too close to existing for the sake of the money that can be made in the breeding shed rather than for the sake of the competition among talented athletes. Perhaps the regular participation of fillies and mares in more races can provide a spoiler effect. Also, I am not ashamed to admit an upswell of female solidarity and pride in my heart when I see a Rachel Alexandra or a Zenyatta take on and beat the boys ;-)
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Earlier this week I contacted the woman who runs the ferret shelter about adopting a buddy for Sissy.  Midweek she emailed me about a woman who had to give up her healthy youngish ferret due to health reasons, and last night me, M and Sissy all went to visit the woman and her ferrets.  The two ferrets seemed to hit it off pretty well, so we have now added "Cocoa" to the family!  His name is in quotes because I'm not sure it will stay his name.  I'd better think of something soon though because I've been calling him Cucamunga, and that's going to stick if I'm not careful.  He'll be turning three at the end of October and is in great health, super energetic and playful.  He's loving all the cage-free time he's getting here; we're still caging him separately from Sissy when we're sleeping/not around, but the plan is once he starts finding sleeping spots on his own outside of the cage and we know for sure the ferrets won't seriously fight, then we can phase out the cage.  Right now though we want to make sure both ferrets are safe, and also we want him to have something familiar.  This is a very different environment from his last house, which was rather densely cluttered.  In fact we somewhat marveled that he made it this far, given the recliners, cats, access to the fridge and stove, rubber toys, etc., but he's clearly a resilient fellow.  The two ferrets have been chasing each other around, a mix of play and sorting out who the boss is.  It will undoubtedly be Sissy, so the new guy just has to adjust to that, and then they will be fine.  He hasn't had experience with other ferrets since he was a baby, but he did play with the cats at his last home, so playing with another animal is not a foreign concept.  I think he's astonished to find that there is an animal more relentless than he is ;-)

pictures )

He's still cautious here and jumpy but is already playing with us and definitely likes being talked to, even when he doesn't feel ready to actually approach a person.  His nip training wasn't handled that well (the former owner told us what she would do, which sounded like more of a reinforcement technique for a playful ferret than a deterrent) but he's so friendly that I'm sure he'll figure it out quickly.  He's pretty smart, too, thinking things through.  Though he did last night stick his nose up into the downspout of the water fountain and manage to douse his entire face in water.  In other words, he is beyond a doubt a ferret :-)
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Sissy has started eating pretty normally again this morning; she's still grinding her teeth a bit but seeing her eat is a huge relief.  She drank a lot of water this morning too, which she needed.  It looks like a broad spectrum antibiotic was exactly what the doctor ordered.

Ianto, otoh, had a moderately severe seizure Friday evening, only a couple of hours after getting his meds and shortly after eating.  He's getting increasingly difficult to medicate as well.  The Lupron shot he got a few weeks ago has definitely helped him regrow his fur, but I'm worried about risking more seizures with trips to the vet for monthly shots.  Not really sure what to do about that, wondering if the vet would teach me how to administer the shots and let me buy the Lupron and do it at home.  I'm less worried about his losing hair than I am about his prostate enlarging and causing urinary obstructions.  But in general, his quality of life is still there so we hold on.  He's very happy and affectionate in his own non-cuddling way most of the time.

Yesterday I had a massage, went to Redbones for lunch and then went to my parents' house for dinner to see them and my brother and crematia13 and little nephew Timothy, who even in just a week's time is so much better at standing.  I bet it's not long before he's walking.

Dancing at the Middle East tonight, 9:30pm!  Hanging around for drinks and dancing later as well.  John's a great DJ, it's like having Garabed back again!
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I don't know where this happened, but it is awesome:

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  • Sissy continues to do well.  Her belly was shaved for her ultrasound, and so we can literally see her tummy starting to fill out again.  Ianto is chugging along too.  Both of them were frisky and affectionate this morning, which makes it awfully hard to go to work ;-)
  • Why did I never before know how awesome foundation brushes are?  I bought one recently for my stage foundation, which is rather thick and wasn't going on well with the sort of sponge I usually use, but I will now use it for my every day foundation too.
  • I want to arrange my own belly dance intensive for myself by taking a week off and assigning myself a different batch of DVDs every day.  I've got all these wonderful DVDs that I never have the time to work with, and others that I'm interested in buying.  I think the only way to get to work with them is to make the time. 
  • On a side note it is increasingly frustrating not to have my own studio space in the apartment.  Some nights I get home from work and I feel inspired to work on dance all night, but I really can't, not without exiling M from the living room, which usually means he'll play guitar in the study, but even with the guitar on headphones, the strings still make enough noise that it's really distracting and the general circumstances are enough that it makes it harder to concentrate.  It's a no win situation.
  • I usually don't mention fiction books that I am reading here because I go through genre like junk food, but I came across an author recently who bears noting:  Mark Del Franco, who in his Connor Grey series writes about an alternate present in which the land of the Fae collided with the world as we know it in the 1900s and profoundly affected socio-political history ever since.  Best of all, the series takes place largely in Boston, so there's that thrill of recognizing familiar places.  There's one section about downtown in the middle of the night that is just perfect.  The Fort Point Channel area is a huge Fae ghetto in his books.  The hero is a Druid, so a Fae sort of human, who has fallen in some particular ways that I will not spoil and as a result earns his living consulting with a local cop on cases involving Fae.  It reminded me a bit of the Dresden File books, only much, much better written.  Totally recommended and I'm looking forward to reading more.
  • That Ron Moore pilot-without-a-show Velocity is airing tonight on Fox.  Oh Fox, why do you treat genre so badly when it has done so much for you?
  • Weeding last night in the garden revealed a hitherto unknown bumper crop of mint.  I see mint juleps in my future, say 8 or so hours from now!  I also found much parsley scattered all over the place, which is odd--it's never grown well for me, and now all of a sudden it's everywhere, even popping up between the cracks in the concrete front steps.  Tis not mine to wonder why, tis but mine to make chimichurri later this season!
  • I got nuthin on the recent celebrity deaths, except to say that I am of an age where of course I wanted to be a Charlie's Angel when I grew up, so that makes me a bit sad.
  • dark chocolate Reeces Peanut Butter Cups are evilly addictive.
  • June was a month of intense extremes of good and bad.  I won't be sorry to leave it behind.
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I filled out my Zipcar application, yay!  Thanks everyone for the glowing Zipcar references, you made the decision a lot easier.  Oh!  While I was typing that last sentence, I received my approval notification email!  So I could potentially be behind the wheel of any zipcar you encounter out there on the road.  Be warned!

Only three of us showed up for Najmat's class last night and all of us, including Najmat, were low energy and dragging, so class was cancelled on account of lack of motivation.  Hung out talking for a while, then went home and finally did some of Ranya Renee's baladi drills, which actually were rather a lot like being in class with Najmat!  Very very similar style and movement vocabulary and interpretation.  I just did the Baladi 1 set, about an hour and fifteen minutes.  I was pretty much able to keep up with everything, and where I couldn't, I made up my own stuff as Ranya suggests you do.  I was pleased to realize that my natural inclination with baladi music was very close to what Ranya was doing, to the point where sometimes I could anticipate what she was going to do next.  So I think when she told me she liked what she saw of my performance at her workshop show, she wasn't just being nice, I really was doing the right things.  (why do we always doubt praise from people?  where's our inner Stuart Smiley when we need him?)  Anyway, awesomeness all around and it made up for missing class.  I'll be doing an upbeat baladi piece, not a taqsim but just a nice sassy song (the descriptively titled "Medley" from Nahawnd, the Rakset Kitty CD), at Hips for Hope on May 17, so this was good practice.

Annoyed Sissy last night by emtpying out all her toy stashes and leaving her toys out in the middle of the floor, so she had to put them all away again.  I am so mean! :-)
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After talking to the vet yesterday, we've increased Ianto's pred dosage to 3/4 the maximum dose for his weight.  I gave him the first increased dose last night.  He puttered around for a bit and went to sleep in their octopus out in the dining room.  An hour or so later, I was playing with Sisiutl with a cat dancer toy (ferrets love them too!) when suddenly Ianto was in the middle of our game, jumping and playing and clearly quite full of himself.  I kept a close watch on him while he climbed the couch, jumped off by himself and chased Sissy and me--no seizures!  He's been eating like a little horse, too.  Anyone who's been on prednisone knows that it's an appetite stimulator which can lead to weight issues, but in his case that's a very good thing, since the more he eats, the better his blood sugar will be.

It's a little sad that we're nearing the limits of what the medication can do for him, but seeing him so happy and bouncy last night almost brought tears to my eyes.  You can of course go over the dosage limits with pred, but at that point the side effects of the pred will probably start to outweigh its benefits.  However, I'd rather he had a shorter time with us the way he was last night than a longer time the way he's been for the past week.  It's what I would want, given the same situation for myself.

Sleepy.  Lots of work to do at work, lots of work to do at home.  Guess I should get at it, then.
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My office reeks overwhelmingly this morning of some ungodly combination of oil, rubber cement, lemon furniture polish and Coca Cola.  Seriously I can smell all those things.  I have no idea what it might be but I can feel my brain cells melting.

Like everybody else who wrote to Amazon, I suppose, I received the "embarrassing and ham-fisted cataloging error" apology.  I'm not sure reading it whether they're sorry they did it at all, sorry they did it badly or just sorry they got caught, but at least they seem to be backing down.

Ianto seems to be doing better.  When I left this morning he was tucking into a big healthy breakfast of kibble.  Now that I know he is much older than we thought I am seeing all the characteristics of an old ferret when I look at him :-(  But, he is still happy and playful in his own silly way, and loves his little Sisiutl, and his coat is beautiful and fluffy, so all in all he's in good shape.  At the vet's on Saturday at one point he came to me and asked me to pick him up, which was a first and made my heart very happy--I am comfort and safety to him :-)  Sissy is like a whole new ferret without the ear mites, I feel terrible that we didn't realize they were there and I will be much more vigilant about the signs in the future.

OMG I am seriously going to pass out from the fumes.  I have the one window that opens open, but it's on the other end of the floor so I think mostly it's just pushing the fumes into my office.
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About 20 minutes before it was time to leave for Easter dinner at M's folks' house, Ianto launched into another seizure.  We got that one under control but he followed it up a short while later with another smaller one.  So I am staying at home to monitor Ianto while M goes to Easter dinner.  His mom is going to be pissed, but given that when M called her to say we'd be late because of Ianto's seizuring, her response was "just bring the ferret in the car," I don't really care.  It may have been her way of trying to be funny, but I'm not in the mood for funny.  (edited to add: after M arrived at his parents' house, his mom called me to say that she was sorry I won't be there but she completely understood and she would do the same in my position. I feel mollified.) It's now about half an hour after Ianto's second seizure and he seems to be resting comfortably.  We debated going to the emergency room with him, but I don't think they could have done much for him that we weren't already doing.  I've got my cab fare ready in case anything happens again, though.  I'll call the vet tomorrow morning.  Maybe we'll have to increase his pred after all.

M forgot the bottle of wine we were supposed to bring to dinner.  Maybe I'll drink it, once Ianto's been stable for a while longer.
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We had a vet appointment today, for Sisutl's rabies shot and for Ianto to get looked at since we were already going to be there anyway.  Turns out it was a good thing I'd made the appointment for him, as Friday morning he had his first seizure in weeks :-(  It turns out that the ferrets had a raging case of ear mites, poor things!  I have no idea how they got them--it's enough to make one believe in spontaneous generation, because they haven't been in contact with any other animals.  The vet said though that ear mites can hang around in very small numbers for a while before their population explodes, so maybe that's what happened.  I got to look through the otoscope and see all the little mites in Ianto's ears, ugh.  The theory about his seizure yesterday is that the ear mites had him so down and distracted that he didn't eat enough, and thus crashed.  Sissy's been extra bitey lately, and the ear mites are the probable culprit there too.   After seeing them through the otoscope I can say I believe having ear mites would make me pretty cranky and bitey too.  So, eardrops today, and eardrops in another two weeks.  They should be feeling better already, since the stuff kills adult mites on contact.   The second dose is to take care of any eggs that hatch in the meanwhile.

Although I'm not happy they had ear mites, it's much better than Ianto's insulimona getting worse, and it's an easy problem to fix.  Interestingly, the vet thinks he's probably about seven years old, judging by the degree of clouding in his corneas (happens to ferrets as they age).  Last May the shelter told us he was two years old.  Ah well.  I'm very glad we adopted him regardless of his age, because he's a great ferret.  And I have to say, he's in very good shape for a seven year old with insulinoma, so knowing his real age provides a comforting kind of perspective.

Poor Sissy did not have a good day, between having stuff squirted in her ears, a benadryl shot, a rabies shot and a Lupron shot, plus various other indignities.  But I'm very proud of her for not biting anybody :-)
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I am very concerned about an act that is going through the House of Representatives right now, and anybody who owns any sort of exotic pet or fish should be too.  It's HR 669, the Nonnative Wildlife Invasion Protection Act.  It sounds great in theory, protect US native environments by banning dangerous nonnative animals from the US.  But I have a few issues with this.  One is that the proposed list of allowed animals to keep as livestock or pets, as defined under section 14(D) is pretty limited--cats, dogs, cattle, chickens, donkeys, domesticated species of geese and ducks, goats, goldfish, horses, llamas, mules, pigs, domesticated rabbits and sheep.  Granted there is some allowance made for "any other species ... determined by the Secretary [of the Interior] to be common and clearly domesticated," but I'm not at all comfortable with that determination being made by a political appointee.  The astute will notice that ferrets are not on that list, despite being clearly domesticated, and I worry that ferrets suffer such bad PR that they will not be added despite the extraordinary lack of impact they have on their local environment (though the fact that they are widely used in medical research might help their case :-/ ).  The other problem is that the native environments are so different from state to state.  An animal that poses a threat to the native environment in Florida, certain reptiles say, pose no threat at all to the native environment in Nebraska.  Obviously states and territories like Hawaii and Guam have more at stake than long settled areas like the Northeast where we don't have a lot of natural native environment left.  It seems to me it would be far better to let states make their own determinations as to what animals are allowed, and leave regulating interstate commerce up to federal regulation.  Perhaps the federal government could issue recommendations about species like snakefish, that seem destructive in a wide variety of environments.

But the thing that really gets me about this is that it seems like a case of shutting the barn door after the horse has gone and already irrevocably altered the local environment.  All those animals on the allowed list are capable of causing serious damage to native environments (well, except maybe goldfish and llamas, I don't know).  Feral cats, dogs and pigs have profound impacts on their local environments.  Working for the Forest Service in California, where cattle ranchers are allowed to graze their cattle in National Forest land, I have seen first hand how destructive cattle can be to watersheds and delicate ecosystems.  The whole thing seems to be a bit of a sham to me.  Of course the environment in all its wonderful variation ought to be protected.  But this seems to say to me let's ban all the nonnative animals, except for the most destructive ones because either we love them or they are economically valuable so we'll just overlook the massive damage they do.

Anyway, I already wrote to the chair of the subcommittee that currently has this act under consideration (Rep. Madeleine Bordallo), and will write my own rep when the act leaves the subcommittee.  I hope this is much to do over nothing, but I worry. edited to add: I wrote Dr. Khuly aka Dolittler about this, and she says she'll write on it later this week. Yay!


After having it suggested to me by a handful of people over the weekend and then receiving a coupon for one in the mail on Monday, I went out and bought a neti pot and used it last night.  It is somewhat disgusting, but I have to say my head felt a hundred times better after using it, and my congestion is close to gone now.  So I am a neti pot convert.  I honestly think it will help me stay healthier.

Bits of my calves and thighs started shaking in dance class last night.  I think my body would like me to know that it has had quite enough for now, thank you.  Tonight I'll rest.  But I'm so fired up and inspired from the weekend that I just want to dance dance dance!  There's a super funky drum solo on the CD from Yousry's workshop that I'm longing to work on, listening to it I was practically dancing in my seat on the train this morning.  And there's other songs I want to work on, and DVDs to do, and-and-and--but I will be sensible and rest up first.  It helps that Lost is on tonight.
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Dropped off M's laptop at the computer store/repair shop at the university where I work--it was pointed out to me via Facebook that as staff, I have access to their services, and since they are Dell certified, if it's a warranty-covered problem, Dell will be held accountable for the repairs.  I described the computer's behavior to the tech, who said it sounded like motherboard issues, and that the Inspiron 1525s are known for buggy sound problems.  Le huge sigh.  But on the positive side, if it is the motherboard, that will definitely be covered by warranty, and perhaps this whole ordeal can be resolved. 

I watched the film Perfect Creature last night--it has vampires *and* zeppelins, what more could a movie need?  Plot was a variation of your standard edgy yet principled vampire and plucky lady law enforcement officer team up to fight big conspiracy story, but it was well done with some interesting twists.  I liked that the steampunk aesthetic was handled in a background, taken for granted kind of way rather than being all in your face.   I also liked that the technology was grubby rather than slick.  Not the best film in the world, but well worth watching if you like vampires and/or steampunk.  Just don't fret too much about the "science."  Seemed a bit like it was made for television, since it had pretty blatant "insert commercial here" moments, though it was a bit too gory for US tv I would think.  I wonder if there will be a sequel, since it left the door wide, wide open for one.

Looking forward to Old, Cold & Slow tonight, though I am feeling rather old, cold and slow myself at the moment.  I think I am coming down with something.  Glad I don't have any performances scheduled this weekend or next weekend.  After that things get hectic and sick is not allowed.

Ianto was bouncy and playful this morning, which was great to see because just last night I was thinking about how I hadn't seen him bouncy and playful for a while and perhaps he was just settling down into a quiet life of quiet enjoyments.  Sissy was thrilled too.
There are three police cars a few doors down from my office.  Maybe somebody has a bullet!


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