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Yesterday we went to NYC to wear Kambriel outfits at the private opening of the Fashion Institute of Technology Museum's exhibit Gothic:  Dark Glamour.  What an experience!
feathers and photographers and fabulousness )

Once others have posted photos, I'll post links! Also, I did order the exhibition catalogue after thinking about it more, though it's supposedly not available until late Nov/early Dec. Anybody who finds themselves in NYC while the exhibit is on should really make a point of going.
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I think I am feeling increasingly sold on Vegas--not only is there Star Trek, but you can go see wild horses out in the desert!  Definitely still want to go to New Orleans, but spring might not be the time for it.  And--real live mustangs out in the wild!  Be still, my ten-year-old-girl's beating heart!


Mar. 19th, 2008 12:21 pm
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Najmat's class was great last night but it left me seriously fatigued.  My legs are still made of lead today.  Gazillion traveling steps with shimmies--it was a cool step, a sort of variation of khalegi.  I had a hard time switching leads from one side to another, it would revert to a regular khalegi step every time I switched.  I was ok by the end of the class but still need loads more work on it.  It's a really good step though, the kind of thing that makes you look like you know what you're doing.  Najmat lit up when I told her about my white galibeya, cap, anklets, etc for the Shimmies for a Cure show--it's great to know that other dancers get excited by this stuff too :-)

I have a real travel bug all of a sudden.  Perhaps it was all those traveling steps.  I suppose now without pets at home I feel like we'd be able to travel.  Going to sit down with M and talk budget stuff and see if we could swing anything in the next few months or so, before we get new ferrets.  I'd love to go to Ireland, and the hotel and airfare wouldn't be that bad, but I have a feeling the daily expenses would be killer, the way the dollar is shaping up internationally.  So perhaps somewhere domestic is better.  Vague thoughts I have about places I've never been include Rockport/Vinal Haven, Maine, New Orleans or maybe Las Vegas.  Maine would be a bit of looking at my roots, as a chunk of my mother's family were farmers in Maine, and generally enjoying the sort of scenery I find the most beautiful, pine woods marching down to the sea.  Plus we could drive there, saving money on airfare.  New Orleans is just fabulously appealing and would have the added advantage of feeling good about spending money down there.  I've never been in a real swamp and would love to do a swamp tour.  Las Vegas has the Star Trek Experience, 'nuff said.  And I'd like to see the desert, too.  I suppose the time of year is a consideration for NO or LV, as neither of us cares for heat very much.  But NO or LV would feel more like really going away and getting out of New England and everything we know.


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