Jul. 16th, 2007 04:13 pm
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Last week Amira Jamal emailed me to apologize for the fact that she wouldn't be getting my teacher review to me until Monday, today.  For some reason I hadn't expected her to have it before Monday, so that was fine.  But now it's 4pm on Monday and I'm so anxious about it!  I know there were some things that I did well and some things that I did not so well and I'm very interested in getting the feedback. *chews nails*

Put together my set for this Sunday, I like it.  I used a classy pop song by Fella, a nice nay baladi progression taqsim and that same damn drum solo from the Virginia album that everybody and her frakkin' sister dances to, but I am lazy this week and don't want to work hard on preparing a new drum solo or even re-visiting a particularly complex one.  Fella was an emusic discovery and I'm getting really into her.  She's Algerian--do they all have wonderfully gravelly voices?--but in an interview says she thinks of herself more as a pan-Arab artist, which really comes through in her music.  I like her videos too, she dares to be different by doing things like dressing in a tux instead of the sexy sexy things Arabic singers are supposed to wear.  She comes across as a classy, strong woman.

My upcoming performance schedule:

July 22--nursing home gig, then Middle East, 10:40
July 29--Middle East, 10:40
August 3--Performing with Walter Sickert as a broken dancing toy at Blacksun show at All Asia Cafe
August 5--Jane Doe Benefit, Middle East Upstairs, 12-5
August 12--Middle East, 10:40
August 19--Middle East, 10:40
August 25--Diva Pageant, Springstep Studio, Medford, 5pm-7ish?

and October 22, Bela Lugosi tribute show in Lowell.
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Hamlet as performed by two ferrets and a Dorito.  It is teh funny!

The day is not even half over and I'm already nodding off at my desk, especially now that the sun is coming out.  You'd think that would wake me up, but it seems to be triggering some reptilian part of my brain.

In dance class last night we did a great exercise of sitting on the floor in the dark and dancing to slow music using only arms, head and upper body.  The point of the exercise was to focus purely on expressiveness and not worry about hips or feet or technique or whatever.  It's a good exercise and something I would do if I ever teach*.  Amira Jamal is one of the few teachers I've encountered--really, the only other one I can think of is Tempest--who takes the time to work on expression and emotional content, giving them just as much importance as technique.  It's why I stick with her class, even when stylistically it's mostly not my bag.  After that exercise we did solo veil pieces and I could really feel the difference in how I was using the veil. 

*I've been very resistant to the notion of teaching, but at this point I could see it happening some day in the future, maybe in another 3-4 years when I have some real maturity as a dancer and feel like I have something unique to offer.  If I teach, I don't want to be just another intro to bellydance person, I want to be able to both develop skills and nurture artistry in the students.  But first I've got to keep developing and nurturing my own...


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