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Wicked and uncanny belly dance performances to entice and chill your soul...  It's the return of Raks Spooki!

Raks Spooki VI:  A Gothic Belly Dance Event
Sunday, October 16, 2011
Club Oberon, 2 Arrow Street (Harvard Square), Cambridge
Tickets $17, available at

From the jagged and angry to the mournful and elegaic to the silly and sublime, the troupes and soloists of Raks Spooki will explore the many facets of gothic music and culture through the artistry of belly dance.  Dancers--and a few live musicians--from across New England and beyond will join together to haunt and thrill you.  I am extremely pleased this year to present Raks Spooki at Club Oberon, an elegant and atmospheric cabaret-type venue right on the Red Line in Harvard Square and featuring a full bar*.   Proceeds from the event will as always be donated to Women for Women International.  

Featured performers include:
Alizah Afet and Mahira
Aria Beth Michaels
Cait Capaldi
Selcouth and Stephen Carpenter
Shahla Nissa
Sybil and Dr. Druesome
and me, your hostess Badriya

There will be no Raks Spooki in 2012, so get your gothic belly dance fix now to tide you through the times to come...

*Please note that each individual under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult over the age of 18.  Additionally, performances and music may contain, as they say, strong thematic content.

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Spring may be stirring, green shoots beginning to unfurl, colorful tiny birds singing of warm weather to come, but deep within the woods, something dark pulls the earth close to itself as it burrows underground, begrudgingly giving the days of sun their due as it says "wait... my time will return, and you will dance and celebrate what belongs to me and mine...  on October 16, to be exact..."
Save the date--Raks Spooki will return on Sunday, October 16!  No further details are ready to be announced at this time.  The call for performers will go out later this spring--may the dreaming of the aestivating darkness inspire you!

alonewiththemoon: Drumlin Farm Banding Station 2016 (Voodoo Dolly)

Me at Raks Spooki V, performing to "Bad Things" (Theme from True Blood), photo taken by Najmat!

We were afraid we weren't getting any trick or treaters this year, but surprisingly they all started showing up after 6pm.  Some really adorable costumes have been coming though :-)
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Raks Spooki V
October 17, 2010, 4pm-7pm
The Regent Theatre Underground, 7 Medford Street, Arlington, MA
Badriya is very pleased to announce the 2010 edition of Raks Spooki--this annual event is five years old now, and continues to provide some of the darkest and most creative performances to be found on the East Coast.  Join us for an early evening of thrills, chills and most likely a giggle or two--what better way to get into the Halloween spirit than to immerse yourself in the world of gothic belly dance?  Even better, 100% of the profits will be donated to Women for Women International, who do amazing work around the globe, including some of the lands in which belly dance originated. 

Performers from New England and beyond include:
IrinaXara, Tempest, Anansi, Samara, Neylan, Di'Ahna, Anaar, Tassellations, Selcouth and Cait Capaldi, the Accaliae, Baseema, Aria Michaels, *Samantha*, Inaya Nour, Black Butterfly Dance Company and your host, Badriya al-Badi'a! 

Vending by Tempest, Anaar, PartyLites and Sassy Sparkles Too!

Tickets are $12 and are available in advance at  Get yours to be sure you're not shut out if/when we reach the venue's capacity!

Shimmy spookily,



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