Aug. 13th, 2010 09:40 am
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and the winner is... )

I got less than five hours of sleep last night and I forgot my glasses today.  It's going to be a long, headachy day...  In my own dance news, my new dance sneakers arrived last night and I wore them around the apartment to break them in a little--so glad I bought them!  They are not at all attractive, though as M said if I ever take up hip hop I'm all set for footwear.  But they provide a lot of support while still allowing flexibility, and the turning spot on the ball of the foot is pretty excellent.  I was doing pirouettes all night.  They will get a lot of use this weekend.
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It seems to be the thing to be doing, so my 2009 in a handful of points:
  • started 2009 with my foot still in pretty wretched shape, but by Feb or March the alcohol injections finally killed off that nerve in the ball of my foot, and slowly I've come to be able to count on my feet to be there for me once again.  I still have some resculpting to do (that's really how it feels, like I am rebuilding the way my ankles and feet work) and I'm still not 100 percent pain free but I'm optimistic that to a large degree I can change what nature and nurture dealt me and have strong functional feet again.
  • lost a fair amount of weight but more importantly gained a lot of strength in my legs and core.  I feel I have a lot more power in my movements now, whether it's dance or yoga or just daily activity.  I like this and I am determined to keep it.  It's hard work but it's rewarding.  On a related note, with the exception of the last two weeks or so, I've been happy with the diet I've created for myself--not diet in the sense of weight loss program, but diet in the sense of well rounded nutrition, food that tastes good and sustains me. 
  • Danced in a variety of different venues, and in the process have been sounding out what is important to me as a dancer in terms of my goals and ideals.  Definitely a work in progress, some lessons are not always so pleasant, but it's part of being an artist.
  • Lost my ferret Ianto, but that was tempered by being so glad that we were able to give him a good loving home in the evening of his life.  He was such a sweet fellow, with his little Ianto prancing walk.  And his loss meant that we were in the right place at the right time to give a home to Edgar, who is quite the endearing character and brings us much joy.  Little Sisiutl has stayed a constant, deepening her bonds with me and welcoming the new guy along with us.
  • Got a Zipcar membership and started driving regularly again, for the first time since 1995 or so.  It's been very freeing and liberating, and nowhere near as scary as I thought it would be.  I've enjoyed driving a variety of different cars through Zipcar, and I've equally enjoyed not having the responsibility of car ownership.
  • Took the kind of plunge I'd been promising myself I would do for *years* and applied for a new job which represented a step up in my career--and got it!  The whole process went so smoothly it was like a dream, and clearly meant to be.  I'm very happy in the new job, while grateful for all that I learned in the old job.  Executive Assistant may not seem like a glamorous or important sort of career, but trust me, all your companies, non-profits, universities, etc would fall down without talented and intelligent people providing structural support.
  • Held Raks Spooki IV--I can't believe it has now happened four times!  I made a leap of faith that the market was still there even in this economy and moved to a larger theatre, and my faith was pretty justified.  Lots of thoughts for how to run next year's!  As always, the variety of creativity and talent on display in the show was humbling to me as the organizer.  I'm very proud to be able to put on this show.
  • Bought an iPod Classic, which seems like a small thing, but I am loving it so it bears mentioning.
  • Set in motion the process of renting regular studio space in a quiet place, something I have been deeply craving for a long time.  The studio is part of a small artists' community and I am excited about the synergy of that as well.
For 2010, I essentially just want to keep on track with the things I've been doing well.  I need to be a little better with keeping up with foot exercises.  I am really looking forward to utilizing that studio time.  We will have our tenth wedding anniversary in 2010.  I want to get out to more concerts, live music of any style that strikes my eclectic fancy.  I definitely want to travel outside of the Boston area for dance workshops more often.  I want to keep learning more about mixology, and get brave enough to start making drinks up, drinks that actually taste good.  In the end, perhaps none of those things are individually that important, but in sum they equal the process of building my life onward and upwards, improving what I can and accommodating what I can't.

Happy New Year, everybody!  May the triumphs and joys of the past year continue to sustain you, and may those you have lost live on as beautiful memories within.
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The Harkness Center for Dance Injuries website came up on recently and I thought it was worth reposting here for belly dancers who don't read bhuz and other sorts of dancers.  It's an excellent guide to common injuries incurred by dancers, how to identify them and what to do about them.  Feel pretty sure the ache in my right ankle is Achilles tendenitis, oh well.  I should keep doing exactly what I'm already doing for it.
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I'm so excited to go dance--in the interests of saving the living room light fixture from being smashed by my cane, as very nearly happened this weekend, I've rented space at the Dance Complex tonight, and words cannot even express how much I am looking forward to being able to *move* without worrying about breaking stuff or knocking classmates over or tripping over waiters.  The sunlight and longer days have me feeling expansive.

Worked more on traveling arabesque steps in Najmat's class last night, the same step combo that broke a classmate's toe last week (well, her falling broke her toe, it's just what we happened to be doing at the time.  careful with long flowing pants!).  It went a lot better for me this week, although I've made the discovery that as a result of all the ball of the foot issues I seemed to have totally shifted to turning on my heel on my left foot all the time, which a) makes arabesques just not happen and b) can't be all that good for me.  Whoops.  Definitely something to work on.


Dec. 23rd, 2008 12:36 pm
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I hate my doctor's office.  I don't hate my doctor.  I don't even hate the secretaries and receptionists.  I do however hate the antiquated inefficient system that allows appointments (like, say the one I had this morning) to fall through the cracks and not get booked.  I stood at the receptionist's desk back in October, made today's appointment, and wrote it down in my calendar.  I show up today, nope, not in the system.  I feel 100 percent certain the receptionist screwed up, but I'm not that mad at her personally--the system makes it easy, likely even, that mistakes will be made.  This was for my last foot shot and I really wanted to have this done by the new year, for a symbolic new beginning.  Now I have to wait until January.  Waiting for the train to go back to work, I was so frustrated by this I was ready to cry, but luckily I stopped myself, otherwise my eyeballs would have frozen.

I have no exciting storm stories, other than my bus hitting a snowbank yesterday morning and the T being so screwed up last night that I gave up on the buses out of Alewife and walked home, to the apparent horror of some random stranger who joined my conversation with the randomly-encountered fudjo .  Even though it was very cold, it ended up being quite pleasant, much nicer than being on a jam-packed bus full of cranky people sitting on Route 16 going nowhere.  The night was clear and quiet, no sound except the snow crunching under my feet--not quite as good as snow squeaking under your feet, but still pretty good.  I didn't see any bunnies, but I did see their tracks.  The Minuteman bike path is plowed in Arlington and I believe also Lexington, for those who might use it.  There's a bit of black ice in the spots that get partial sun, but the full sun areas are bare pavement and the no sun areas are nicely packed snow, all in all in much better shape than the sidewalks and even many of the roads.  I walked again this morning and expect that will have been the most pleasant interlude of this day.  Not many people were around and I was reminded of cutting through Parc Mont Royal to get to McGill's campus when I lived in Montreal's Plateau.  Weather like we have been having over the last few days is par for the course in December in Montreal, just an average weekend, and the city doesn't shut down or go into panic mode or do anything particularly out of the ordinary.  I miss that stoicism.  Mon pays, ce n'est pas un pays, c'est l'hiver.

One night this last weekend as I lay in bed reading before falling asleep, Ianto climbed up into the bed all on his own and curled up under the covers next to me.  Fluffy noodley sweetness!  Sisiutl's been doing this for a while but it's new for him.

Much work to do at work.  I should do it.  Then cookies to bake tonight.  And maybe a pie.
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Things to say to Najmat only if you *really* mean them include: "Can we work on drum solo stuff?" Oof my glutes. And hamstrings. And hip rotators. And all the rest. My foot remained partially numb throughout class, which was odd. I kept thinking I was stepping on something, and then realizing it was actually my own toes that I was sensing as some inanimate object. Wierd.

Just watched more of my last DVD purchase, and I am captivated by Shushu Amin. It's the performance where she's wearing a multi-colored bra and belt set over a rather hippie-ish skirt, including a wonderful Leylet Hob and a saxophone taqsim. At one point she does these rapid-fire vertical figure eights that are so strong, her belt fringe is whapping her in the elbows. Must find more of this lady! Also watched another Aida Nour orientale number which was much better than the other one, in a glamorous dress. I have decided I need a glamorous dress. Evil Dahlal has a Pharaonics sale, with several costumes that sound like they would fit...

Also, a meme:
Your rainbow is shaded violet.


What is says about you: You are a creative person. You appreciate beauty and craftsmanship. You are patient and will keep trying to understand something until you've mastered it.

Find the colors of your rainbow at

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The movie Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter is very very bad.  Not at all in a good way, either.  I highly recommend screwing your eyes tightly shut, stuffing your fingers in your ears and screaming as loudly as you can if this movie ever appears in your field of vision.  It is so bad that only the silhouettes of two robots and a guy lost in space could make it bearable.

Heroes has been very up and down this season but I will remain a loyal viewer if Sylar's clothes keep getting burnt off him.  Actually even apart from that, his character is mostly what has kept me watching.  He's getting the better writing on the show, and it's obvious that Zachary Quinto loves genre. 

I believe it is my rectus femoris that is currently squawking at me.  Or possibly the vastus lateralis.  Something in that general area.  Ow.
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My own private shoe store arrived yesterday.  It was pretty nice trying on shoes at home with all different socks without the pressure of sales people, or feeling silly jumping around.  I approve of this process.  One of the pairs of boots I ordered fits like a dream, so I declare this a success.  The boots that fit were Rockports, ordered in wide, and happily they were also the least expensive pair on the menu.  I'm still going to need something for when it really snows, but for the fall I'm all set.  Maybe by the time heavy snow arrives my foot will be able to tolerate my Fluevogs again.  I start my second series of foot shots today.  Yay giant needles!

While trying on boots and working on costume stuff, I kept one ear on the VP debate.  my thoughts on that )

Anyway that's my thoughts on that.

Busy weekend ahead--chilling and sewing tonight, more sewing Saturday afternoon, Bellyqueen Sat. evening and also potentially a sort of high school reunion of nice people, a gig on Sunday plus more sewing...  It must be fall!
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Wednesday I did something I have never done before:  bought something knowing full well I was going to return it.  My search for boots in Harvard Square turned out to be, to use an entirely appropriate word, bootless, so I resorted to ordering a couple of pairs of boots online from, which like Zappos has free return shipping.  I'll keep the pair that fits best and ship the other one back, or ship them both back if neither fits and have them ship me some more.  It seems awfully decadent to have stuff delivered to me just to try on, but I guess that's the modern world we live in.  Another advantage of doing it this way is that I get a cashback bonus for using my Discover card at that vendor, so I'm saving money on top of it being more convenient.  Still seems terribly profligate and wrong somehow though.  Shnells, I'd still be into going shoe shopping sometime though, I want to find cute shoes that don't make my feet hurt and that I can go out Arabic-dancing in, if such shoes exist anywhere in this world.

In other shoe news, three days in a row of wearing my Earth shoes has made a real difference in the plantar fasciitis in my right heel.  If you've got PF, I highly recommend Earth shoes.  They continually but gently stretch your calves and ankles and hamstrings.  Good for the hips and lower back, too.

Finally had a chance to get in some yoga last night.  It was much needed.  Of course as soon as I reached savasana the neighbor kids started rampaging, and M was twanging away on his guitar (he uses headphones, but the physical strings are still fairly noisy).  I held an image in my head of the earth lying solid and silent and dark underneath all the activity of life on top of it, eternal and never changing despite all the fuss and bother on its surface, and it was surprisingly effective at keeping all the commotion from affecting me.  I really didn't think I had it in me to relax under the circumstances but I'm glad I did.

Started Season 2 of Torchwood last night, with the famed James Marsters-John Barrowman liplock.  Oh those naughty captains.  And poor jealous Ianto.  The show is rather veering into Lex territory but I still like it.  Pretty people being cool and sexy and tossing off one-liners, nothing wrong with that.

Dreamed last night that it was Raks Spooki showtime, and I realized I'd never written up a schedule.  It's too soon for me to be having anxiety dreams about the show!


Jul. 16th, 2008 10:28 am
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  • I have terrible hiccups.  And I'm not even drunk.
  • Saw Hellboy II over the weekend.  Although I loved the visuals, I was left a bit disappointed by the plotting, pacing and story concepts.  I think a good 20-30 minutes could have been cut and it would have been a better film.  But it was worth seeing for all the fantastic creatures.  I loved the one with the wings, and also the giant.
  • Saw a preview for the upcoming Vin Diesel/Michelle Yeoh movie Babylon AD which looks like a not good movie but also like a totally awesome movie.
  • Najmat's class was good last night.  There was a particular combination that challenged me, partly because my left foot can't really sustain a full pivot turn yet and partly because I felt--not self critical exactly, just more like a kangaroo trying to be an egret, a perfectly fine kangaroo who just can't get the hang of all those feathers and wings and long neck and legs.  Eventually it got smoother though.
  • I wore my Fluevog derby swirls earlier this week and I am very sad to note that they are an obvious source of foot pain >:-(  Possibly I can remedy this with different insoles, or maybe I need to go up a half size.  I repeat, >:-(
  • Project Runway starts tonight, but it's on at the same time as So You Think You Can Dance.  Didn't it used to be on at 10?  Feh.
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Yesterday we went to see Werner Herzog's Antarctic documentary Encounters at the End of the Worldbrrrr )

I was super productive yesterday despite the heat.  I edited a drum solo (7:30 down to 2:45!), strained my steeping blackberry-sage cordial experiment, did some intricate design work on a decoupage tissue box holder that I've been working on, bought cargo capris at H&M and went grocery shopping.  And I got to see the weasels running around like crazy things before it got too hot, and that's a good thing too.

Fourth foot shot today.  My foot feels--dare I say it--normal!
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A little while back I ordered a choreography DVD by Atef and Magda Farag with seven or so different dances on it, primarily for the Nubian choreo as I've been curious about how the mechanics of that style.  It turned out the DVD is not an instructional per se but a demonstration of each choreo done by Atef or Magda in teaching clothes in front of a mirror.  I'd watched bits of it before but today I had time and mental energy to follow along with the quick and snappy Reda style choreo.  I did the shamadan choreo several times and filmed myself following along wearing my shamadan.  I'm happy to see that the shamadan stays pretty steady.  I don't think they're that difficult to dance with, they just take some neck strength and poise.  I'll definitely be able to work something up by that August show in Salem.  Anyway the DVD was a lot of fun and will be a good resource for the future.  I am only slightly more enlightened about how to do Nubian dance than before, and this being Reda it was very Nubia goes to Broadway, but I have a better feel for the core movements now.

Had a lovely Fourth of July up in Rockport--many thanks to the gracious hosts!  Much good food and drink and conversation was had and lovely fire dancing was seen.  Everybody seemed to like my tofu poke, as it was all eaten up.  But I have to say, I think my favorite part of the day was walking from the house to the parking lot about a half mile up the road and realizing that I was about 20 feet ahead of my group because I was walking more quickly than the rest of them and needed to slow down for them to catch up--the way I always do, the way I walk, the way I walk when I don't have an injured foot!  Totally made my weekend :-)

Huge improvement in Ianto since his medication started.  It was hard to accept that I needed to bring him in, but I'm very glad that I did.
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Nelson Mandela is on the US terrorist watchlist.  Country of mine, I don't even know what to say to you.

My foot only ached a little towards the end of dance class last night despite a half hour or so of Saidi.  I am really liking this being able to focus on the rest of my body and I feel like I'm dancing much better.  After class I carried a heavy bag of groceries home and that didn't cause any great pain either, something new this week.  Generally speaking my foot is doing well; it hurts going down stairs and when I put a lot of weight right into the center of the nerve damage, but otherwise I've been able to walk mostly without thinking about it at all.

Weasels were super cute when I left this morning, chasing each other through tunnels.  Ianto will chase Sisiutl into a tunnel, but then she is small enough to turn around inside the tunnel, so he gets met with teeth and much fang displaying and tail wagging ensues.  Good times for ferrets.
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My foot is so pain-free right now I'm almost afraid to write about it.  The nerve that we're killing is Y-shaped, and based on my report the doctor moved the location of the shot a little further up the stem of the Y.  I think this has made a world of difference.  Before the injection was probably  hitting one of the arms.

I felt stronger and more powerful in dance class tonight than I have felt in a long, long time.  Please don't let this be taken away from me...
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People who have a distant relative's name on the Bunker Hill monument ought to be given Bunker Hill Day off from work.  That is what I believe.  (it's the brother of an umpteen-times-greatgrandfather of mine, Benjamin something.  my mom's father's family goes way back in New England history.)

Last night I grilled in a thunderstorm due to bad timing on my part.  It totally wasn't raining when I started grilling, but it most totally was raining when I finished.  Yesterday really never came together for me.  But on the positive side my food didn't get too damp and I didn't get struck by lightening.

This morning I accidentally caught Sissy's tail in the cage door.  She squawked and I felt terrible but some ferretone seemed to make everything ok.  Ianto:  "I am very traumatized by this event, I need ferretone too!"  Both of them are now coming up to us for attention and affection, which is wonderful.  Ianto's relatively low energy level continues to concern me a bit, but I think I should give him a little more time to build up muscle and also build up uncaged confidence before hauling him off to the vet.  There has definitely been some improvement in both areas.  Also, next to Sisiutl the Atomic Powered Wonder Weasel any ferret would look low energy.

One of the brewers at Friday's American Craft Beer Festival has a beer called Raspberry Weasel Wheat.  I will of course have to try that.

Big stabbity needle in the foot today--right now my foot is feeling no pain at all as a result of the numbing spray used to kill the pain of the needle.  I should swipe that stuff the next time I'm there.  Now that I am regularly able to put normal weight and pressure on my left foot, I am having to come to terms with how much of an impact the constant limping and favoring has had on the rest of my body.  I'm all torqued around.  I don't think I was able to cope with thinking about it while my foot still hurt, but now that the foot is improving I've got to untwist myself.  Massage scheduled for this Saturday, that should help!
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Last night I made tofu poke from a recipe in the Boston Globe Magazine--served over a bed of lettuce, it made an excellent no cooking hot weather meal.  Definitely recommended, both for vegetarians and for people feeling too broke to buy sushi-grade tuna.

I walked to Alewife this morning!  My foot hurt enough that I probably should hold off on regularly walking for a bit longer, but it felt good.  I didn't end up limping, which is definitely progress.

The weasels were able to come out into the rest of the apartment last night.  Ianto is--I don't exactly want to say fearful, but he is very cautious and a bit hesitant.  I remember seeing that with Ronan too.  This is undoubtedly more space than he has ever experienced in his entire life, and for a not-baby ferret, that can be a bit intimidating. He also has some trouble with the hardwood floors.  After a while, it was clear he was a bit freaked out, so I brought him back in the bedroom, gave him treats and told him how brave he was.  After regrouping a bit, he was able to come back out again later, so he wasn't too traumatized.  It's just going to take him some time to get comfortable.  Sisiutl, on the other hand, explored, mapped and catalogued for about three hours straight.  Her tiny feet tippytoe across the hardwood floors with no problems.  She also started relocating bats from our shelf of bats in the dining room to under the bed, which is apparently where all toys belong.  They both liked the water fountain, once they got the hang of it.  They came out this morning to enjoy the cool air, and both of them did some running around.  I am going to have to add fifteen minutes to my morning routine to accommodate weasels being cute time.

Oh, and Top Chef--yay!  All ends as it should.

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Today I would like to eat everything, thank you.

My foot is more sore than I would like it to be after my second shot on Tuesday.  I think I expected the same dramatic improvement with each shot.  Then again, I did stand for roughly 2.5 hours getting home on Tuesday night and then I carried heavy groceries home last night, so it hasn't had much chance to recover from the trauma of being poked with a big needle.  Sigh.  I don't know.

I like [ profile] dirtyknees 's suggestion in the comments of my past post of making a sage infusion and then using that to mix with--I think that will be a more effective way of extracting the flavor from the sage leaves.  Plus it will be something I've never done before, so that will be fun.  If anybody wants any sage, btw, I have roughly a bushel or so to spare.  (and it's only May!)  Maybe I'll do a lavender infusion also.  Though I like to leave the lavender flowers on the plant for the bees, since it seems like bees need all the help they can get these days.

Shirley Manson (yes, that Shirley Manson) was just signed to the second season of The Sarah Connor Chronicles, which I think has solidified the show's position as program that became really cool in spite of itself.
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Just got alcohol injection #2 for my foot--it stings a little this time, but overall soreness is improved.  The doctor said it's a very good sign for the treatment's overall effectiveness that I felt so much improvement from the first shot, and I may only need 3-5 shots instead of 8-10.  When he put the needle in my foot (have I mentioned this needle needs to go into the top of my foot about a half inch?), it was clear that there was much less inflammation in my foot and that possibly some of the scar tissue is softening up.  I would jump around for joy right now if my foot weren't encased in ice.

M and I worked on our study for hours and hours yesterday and it's like a whole new room.  M got a new work station for all his music gear and it all looks very sleek and professional now.  I love my new desk; everything is in its proper place.  I love that the desk has a magnetic board built into it, so now I can take all those important random scraps of paper and pin them up rather than have them floating around everywhere.  Once one part of the room looked organized, the bookshelves looked so messy that I felt compelled to attack them as well.  Those of you who have been in my house know that I do believe in covering every horizontal surface with knick knacks and so forth, but there were a great many items that had been shoved into the bookcases because there was nowhere else for them to go.  Thanks to Staples' recycling program, I was able to get rid of all the dead tech I had floating around, and also recycled umpteen million manuals and outdated computer books.  Anyway the study is bright and airy now, since there is no longer a desk in front of the windows, all my books are visible and in order, there is not a piece of tech in the room that isn't current and in use and best of all there's enough room that I could easily do yoga in the study, so I can use Yoga Journal's podcasts.

While going through some of my photos/family stuff, I found a report my brother had done in I think junior high or high school about our family history.  I knew a lot of the stuff about my mom's side, but not so much about my dad's, so it was very interesting.  I knew there were a lot of coal miners in my family history, but man, there were a *lot* of coal miners, on both sides.  No wonder I'm so pale, we probably lost our melanin working underground.  My grandfather's father started working in one of Scranton's coal mines when he was 10 and worked in that mine until he was 65.  Crazy stuff.  I'm happy they all survived long enough to have offspring, otherwise I wouldn't be here.  At least a couple died of black lung disease.  Another recent ancestress was a midwife.  My father's father, who died not long after I was born, was a typesetter for a Scranton newspaper, which was probably messy and hard work but somehow seems glamourous, like his job was to make the newspapers with their screaming headlines spin around like they do in old movies.  It's all pretty solidly blue collar but I'm proud to come from people who worked with their hands and worked hard.  I can be stubborn and persistent and maybe that's where some of it comes from, that determination to do things myself.
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I managed to get through an entire dance class last night going up on my toes every time it was called for!  And pivoting!  We were working on arabesque steps, too!  I am paying for it today but I am so glad to know that I have it in me.  I was so happy from that alone that I felt like I was floating, I'm sure that feeling helped my arabesques no end ;-)

I've been re-watching Akira Kurasawa's Dreams over the last week or so.  Every director I like should put out collections of short films that you can watch in small increments.  I probably hadn't seen it since it came out in 1990 (god, was that really 18 years ago!?!) but I found I remembered several of the short films so clearly, notably the one about the peach orchard and the tunnel.  The very Japanese theme of humanity messing up the world and destroying itself through lack of respect for nature got a little old by the end of the collection, but every shot was beautiful and the colors were astounding.  The action was perfectly dreamlike; things that would make little sense in reality made perfect, if sometimes awful, sense in the dreams, like trying to fan away radioactive clouds with one's jacket.  Pretty sure I had dreams myself about the mutant cannibal demons, who were so dreadfully artistic in their torments.  I liked the strong elements of Japanese folklore, like the foxes' wedding procession and the snow fairy, but I don't know to what extent those were real pieces of folklore and to what extent they were filtered through a dreaming state into something else.  The films so perfectly captured the feeling of dreams that it is impossible for a non-native to tell.

I really want some ferrets.
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Here's an excellent and detailed illustrated discussion of foot structure--I can tell exactly which bit of my nerve structure is affected, given the sensations I get in the second two toes after the big toe.  It's amazing how complex a foot really is.  It's a mechanical wonder.

I just scheduled my third cortisone shot for early May.  I've planned to take the day off work so I can go home immediately afterwards and baby it.  Unfortunately it's 4 days before the Mohamed Shahin workshop, so I really hope I can avoid the severe pain I had the last time around.  Right now the ball of my foot feels mostly okay; there's still something occasionally popping and squishing in there, but it's ignorable.  The undersides of my toes, however, are very cranky in a way that makes long walks rather challenging.  I am hoping that this is temporary as I am ramping back up my foot exercises.  At least my foot bends properly now, that's progress, even if it doesn't do it comfortably.


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