Jul. 15th, 2009 02:53 pm
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From Joan Walsh's column today at Salon:

Not to be outdone by Sessions, though, Oklahoma Sen. Tom Coburn shamed himself with an unbelievable reference to Desi Arnaz's ancient Cuban stereotype, Ricky Ricardo, husband of Lucille Ball on "I Love Lucy." During a surreal exchange on gun rights, in which the theoretical example was what might happen to Sotomayor if she (wrongly, illegally, but maybe understandably) got a gun and shot Coburn, the right-wing senator told her, "You'd have a lot of 'splainin' to do," referring to Arnaz's refrain when Lucy got in trouble with one of her crazy schemes.

Sometimes I hate white people.
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Okay, I'm all for helping kids develop rational thinking abilities, but this bit from a Boing-Boing article about a summer camp for kids run by Richard Dawkins just made me sad:

"Camp-goers aged eight to 17 will also be taught how to disprove phenomena such as crop circles and telepathy. In the Invisible Unicorn Challenge, any child who can prove that unicorns do not exist will win a £10 note"

Encouraging rational thought = good.  Killing children's imaginations = bad.  It's people like Dawkins who give the rest of us to whom religion is irrelevant a very bad name, I suppose because clearly it is not irrelevant to him.  He is a true atheist.  I'm just not religious.
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I just got a call from a Dell rep introducing himself as my new point of contact for Dell, saying he was calling to see how things were going with the new laptop.  I told him it was fine, and he asked if I had any comments about my Dell experience.  I don't believe he had read my file before calling, because I rather stunned him with my polite but blunt comments about my Dell experience.  He apologized, and then said he needed to explain the terms of my warranty to me, fine, it was good to get clarification on whether the one year warranty started again at zero with the new laptop, which it did.  But then he totally turned the conversation into a sales call trying to get me to purchase five-year accident insurance for the laptop, five years for the price of one, isn't Dell great for making me this offer?  That sound you all surely heard just now, the one that sounded like tectonic plates moving?  That was my teeth grinding.  I said no nicely once but when he persisted I told him that I frankly resented that this had become a sales call and I would certainly call him if we have any further problems and good day to you sir.  RAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!


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