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More Torchwood!!!  YAY!!!!

(I will miss seeing Wales, but the radio play that was set in India was quite fine, so I am happily open-minded on the location score)

I forgot to mention that M ran into our former upstairs neighbors.  A family with a four-year-old and a newborn moved into our old apartment.  Ha, I bet you all miss the quiet black-clad wierd people now, old neighborhood!
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Then again, I'm home sick from work and possibly delusional from lack of sleep, up coughing all night, so plenty of outlandish things make perfect sense at the moment :-/  I think heat makes me ill, the last time I was sick it was also 90 degrees out. 


May. 24th, 2010 09:36 am
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I was going to write a bunch of stuff about Lost, but I think I will just say "What TLo said."  I still feel a bit like the series pulled a BSG on us, but the more I reflect, the more I can be okay with it.

Also it made me cry twice.
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Check out this interview with M about his Star Wars collection!

Got up super early this morning to go to a VFW hall to sign a contract for the Haiti benefit, only to find that the scheduling secretary was going to be in late this morning. Serves me right for not calling first. I feel close enough to signing though that I can give preliminary notice that there will be a belly dance benefit for Haiti at the Dilboy VFW in Davis Square on the afternoon of Sunday, Feb. 28 :-) Specifically the benefit will be for Partners in Health, because of their good administrative costs to actual aid ratio and because they already know the social and political contexts in Haiti and thus will be more effective than all the giants descending on the small island now. Anyway, mark your calendars!
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This weekend we took down Edgar's old cage and packed it off to the basement. It really felt like closing the previous chapter of his life for good, a sign that he is so settled in here that he doesn't need any of the trappings of his old life any more.

We also went to the New England Aquarium yesterday, primarily to see the new marine mammal center but we ended up spending a lot of time watching penguins as well. One of the funnier moments of the day was when M asked me what the penguins with the yellow feathers on their heads were called, and he heard my answer of "Rockhopper penguins" as "rock opera penguins." So that is what we called them for the rest of the day, because it suited them so well. The new marine mammal center right now is just northern fur seals, but that is alright as they are very beautiful and so obviously intelligent. One of them looked like she was dancing in the water, striking poses, drifting into new ones. We found a sign that said although seals don't seem to do this in the wild, once you train a seal to dance, it does it all the time on its own. That is a wonderful thing. Outside, we saw two of the harbor seals do a very silly dance for their trainer, holding their upper bodies out of the water and waving their flippers up and down in unison. I don't think anybody who could see it could help but smile. If I were to become any animal, I think I would be a seal.

I am really liking Stargate Universe. It is indeed highly derivative of many other shows, but it does its deriving quite nicely, and manages to feel like something new.

This is going to be a long week.
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  • Sissy continues to do well.  Her belly was shaved for her ultrasound, and so we can literally see her tummy starting to fill out again.  Ianto is chugging along too.  Both of them were frisky and affectionate this morning, which makes it awfully hard to go to work ;-)
  • Why did I never before know how awesome foundation brushes are?  I bought one recently for my stage foundation, which is rather thick and wasn't going on well with the sort of sponge I usually use, but I will now use it for my every day foundation too.
  • I want to arrange my own belly dance intensive for myself by taking a week off and assigning myself a different batch of DVDs every day.  I've got all these wonderful DVDs that I never have the time to work with, and others that I'm interested in buying.  I think the only way to get to work with them is to make the time. 
  • On a side note it is increasingly frustrating not to have my own studio space in the apartment.  Some nights I get home from work and I feel inspired to work on dance all night, but I really can't, not without exiling M from the living room, which usually means he'll play guitar in the study, but even with the guitar on headphones, the strings still make enough noise that it's really distracting and the general circumstances are enough that it makes it harder to concentrate.  It's a no win situation.
  • I usually don't mention fiction books that I am reading here because I go through genre like junk food, but I came across an author recently who bears noting:  Mark Del Franco, who in his Connor Grey series writes about an alternate present in which the land of the Fae collided with the world as we know it in the 1900s and profoundly affected socio-political history ever since.  Best of all, the series takes place largely in Boston, so there's that thrill of recognizing familiar places.  There's one section about downtown in the middle of the night that is just perfect.  The Fort Point Channel area is a huge Fae ghetto in his books.  The hero is a Druid, so a Fae sort of human, who has fallen in some particular ways that I will not spoil and as a result earns his living consulting with a local cop on cases involving Fae.  It reminded me a bit of the Dresden File books, only much, much better written.  Totally recommended and I'm looking forward to reading more.
  • That Ron Moore pilot-without-a-show Velocity is airing tonight on Fox.  Oh Fox, why do you treat genre so badly when it has done so much for you?
  • Weeding last night in the garden revealed a hitherto unknown bumper crop of mint.  I see mint juleps in my future, say 8 or so hours from now!  I also found much parsley scattered all over the place, which is odd--it's never grown well for me, and now all of a sudden it's everywhere, even popping up between the cracks in the concrete front steps.  Tis not mine to wonder why, tis but mine to make chimichurri later this season!
  • I got nuthin on the recent celebrity deaths, except to say that I am of an age where of course I wanted to be a Charlie's Angel when I grew up, so that makes me a bit sad.
  • dark chocolate Reeces Peanut Butter Cups are evilly addictive.
  • June was a month of intense extremes of good and bad.  I won't be sorry to leave it behind.
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Friends of mine own a comic store in Arlington, called Comicazi.  They have built a toy museum in the basement of their store.  They have named it the "Museum of Toys and Pop Culture".  The very first exhibit is focused on classic Star Wars toys. 

This is where i come in.  For the past couple of years, i have been collecting classic Star Wars toys.  They asked me to help them put the first exhibit together, and i have loaned most of my collection to this first exhibit.

So i am very excited to announce that this Friday, June 12th at 8 p.m., the museum will unveil it first exhibit, CLASSIC STAR WARS TOYS.  Along with the exhibit, there will be Star Wars themed food and beverages, an appearance by members of the 501st (people who dress as star wars characters), and other star wars goodies.

Classic Star Wars toy exhibit
@Comicazi (1305 Mass Ave/Arlington/781-641-2700)
This Friday (June 12th)
8 p.m.
Tix $10
21+ event

There are limited tickets available, so call (781-641-2700) and reserve them now!

Email me (mathew_f at hotmail dot com) if you have any questions,

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  • Caprica:  A+!  Still dubious about how the concept will spin out into a series, but enjoyed the premiere episode that's been released on DVD very much.
  • Gardening!  I bought mostly purple plants, even their leaves.
  • Mother's Day:  much being busy!  Fun though.
  • Wrentham Outlets: somewhat disappointing in terms of the bargains to be found, but I did really well at my new favorite store, White House Black Market, where all the clothes are black and/or white.  Finally I have found clothes made for grown ups that totally suit my style, and I know I will like the color ;-)  Did well at the Jockey outlet too, though I expected that.  The Hot Topic outlet was ridiculous, clearly it was the junk bin and that's saying something when talking about Hot Topic merchandise.  In light of South Park we were amused by the wall of Twilight stuff.
  • Found truly waterproof foundation that works well for my skin, Make Up Forever's Face and Body Foundation.  Reviews online complain about it being lumpy and hard to remove, but I think those reviewers do not read their product packaging, which clearly says to shake well before use and that water-based makeup removers will not suffice to remove it.
  • Watched "Wounded Knee" on American Experience and recognized someone I knew in Chicago who had always said he had been at the occupation of Wounded Knee in 1973 but I was never sure whether to believe him or not.  It was definitely him, though, and as he's dead now (bar fight) I feel very badly for having doubted him.  I'll do something appropriate in his memory the next time I have the opportunity to do so.  It's an excellent documentary.  I felt like I knew a lot about that time period and the politics involved, but I was surprised by some things, and hadn't made the connections between other things before.  I think it's something every US citizen should watch, to understand these things about their country.
  • Off to see Star Trek at the Imax now!  Whee!
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Took today off from work and I am very glad I did.  I slept about 12 hours last night.  On decongestants I feel nearly normal (though I am starting to get somewhat perturbed by how long this illness is lasting).  And I'm not anywhere near as sore today as I thought I would be, though dance class tonight will still be interesting.  As will be getting there in the pouring rain.

Usually I never see these things until it is too late, but I think I was the first person to jump on Michelle Joyce's offer of a free copy of Ballet for Belly Dancers on Bhuz.  Her post is in The Rest, if other bhuzzers are interested.  The trailer looks really good.  I'm not particularly interested in ballet as such but it looks like a good series of exercises and very complimentary to the way I dance.  Many of the dancers I am influenced by have ballet training and I think it shows indirectly in my dancing, so getting some of that training directly would be helpful.  Yousry Sharif mentioned yesterday that when he was taking folkloric dance classes as a child and adolescent, the students all took ballet classes as well, not to learn to perform ballet but for the training and conditioning it provided.  So, I'm rather excited to get my free DVD.

Another thing Yousry said yesterday, when asked about it, was that in his mind what makes a great dancer is "knowledge and hard work."  I want to write that out all fancy-like and frame it and hang it up on the wall.

Dollhouse continues to improve, I'm glad to see.  I found myself really caring about Victor and Sierra this last episode.  Also, I will be very annoyed if Sarah Connor Chronicles is cancelled.  It's good stuff.
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Not terribly surprised to hear that a TV movie with possible series based on Laurell K. Hamilton's Anita Blake books is in the works.  Also not surprised to hear it is being planned for a cable station and not regular broadcast TV.  Somewhat intrigued by that cable station being IFC.  However, I'm a bit amused by this statement:  "IFC is targeting the movie to its core base of men ages 18-34..."  Um, although I'm sure many men in that age group do read Laurell K. Hamilton, I suspect her core base is rather more female, and ranging more widely in age.  I'll be honest and admit that I gave up on Laurell K. Hamilton around the time she gave up on plot, so I'm not totally up to date with her current stuff, but amongst all the pron and suspense, her books are essentially relatively literate toothsome bodice rippers.  And there's nothing wrong with that.  It does make it hard to see how IFC would target their core base and still retain any integrity to the spirit of the novels, though.

Still sick.  Blah.  Probably shouldn't go to dance class tonight but I really want to.  Maybe I'll just sit and watch...
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The brand new Star Trek:  The Next Generation episode of the Family Guy airs tonight at 9pm EST.
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BSG made me weep.  Feel free to discuss in a spoilery manner in the comments.

Geek PSA!

Mar. 16th, 2009 06:34 pm
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Neil Gaiman, according to his blog, will be on the Colbert Report tonight!

In other news, the show Kings, which aired its two hour pilot last night, was really pretty darn good.  Shakespeare meets Orwell meets the Sopranos, only better than that sounds, with some dashes of magic realism thrown in.  I was skeptical about it, but by the end I was hooked.


Feb. 11th, 2009 02:53 pm
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There's a very nice interview with Joss Whedon about Dollhouse in today's Salon that makes me far more intrigued by the show than anything else I've seen or heard yet.  I hope he and Eliza get to realize their vision.  Though it's kind of bad news that Fox asked for more assassinations and less sex...
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My performance from Arisia. It is by far the silliest dancing I have ever done.

I was a little worried that Godzilla would be too dated to be entertaining, but apparently Godzilla just never gets old!


Jan. 16th, 2009 11:35 pm
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That was the saddest BSG ever.  I was fine until spoiler )

Some graffiti on a hallway wall in Galactica inspired me to make a t-shirt that should make all the nerds* cry tomorrow at Arisia.  Ha!  First I make them laugh when I dance, then I make them cry just by walking the hallways.

*I use the term in the most loving sense possible, esp. given that *I'm* the one who made the shirt thinking it would be the most awesome thing ever.
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My limbs are always tactful.


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