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Had the oddest dream last night about having to rescue Conduit from the man who made death threats against him. There were demons and teleporting involved. It was a bit Dick Francis meets Doctor Who meets Buffy, or maybe Angel. I would totally watch that if it were a tv show.

Pounding sinuses achey eyes inability to sleep well makes me a not terribly content woman today. Do not want. Still excited for the return of dance class tonight, though.

Random highlights from last week's vacation: the Tomb 10A exhibit at the MFA, delicious Dogfish Head beer on tap at Redbones, The Fantastic Mr. Fox. I recommend those things very much. Also I tried a salsa DVD and while I was not very good at it I enjoyed it. It's good to jump out of one's comfort zone, and moving my feet that fast is definitely out of my comfort zone. I had no idea what to do with my arms.

oh how I want to curl up under my desk and sleep... time for more tea...
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Long weekend.  In sum:

  • some amazing horse racing, in both the Kentucky Oaks and the Kentucky Derby.  Though whoever texted me right after the Derby to comment on the race, don't ever do that again, as you shouldn't talk about race results before you are sure the other party has seen the race!  I appreciated that in the Derby broadcast there was some discussion of the issues facing horse racing--drugs, track surfaces, breeding, etc--and both what steps have already been taken and what needs to be done.  It sounds like there is at least some industry support for a national commissioner of horse racing, much like baseball has, to provide consistent regulation across the country.  Good!
  • Had fun as usual at Amira Jamal's student recital.  Stressful getting there, thanks to closed subway stations, but we eventually got there.  The Framingham space is really quite nice, nicer than the one at BU.  I felt like my solo was okay, probably better in class the week before, but I was happy with my connecting with people in the audience.  That Ranya Renee has changed my life, I tell you.  Our Rakset Kitty... well, we had fun, hopefully the audience was somewhat entertained.  As was commented later, it looked like we all knew most of the choreography, but we all knew it with our own interpretation and didn't look like a cohesive group.  There was also the point where P and I found ourselves face to face, when we both should have been facing the same direction--all we could do was laugh and keep on going.  The video should be amusing.
  • Stayed up too late on Saturday night drinking mint juleps and then absinthe.  Oops!  Highlight of the evening was driving with M and fudjo doing impersonations of the B-52s' Fred Schneider singing Nine Inch Nails and Ministry songs.  Seriously, the man really ought to make a "Fred Schneider's Greatest Industrial Hits" album, it would be brilliant.
  • Had lots of fun at a bridal shower on Sunday eating too much cheese and chocolate and chips and watching the excellent movie Jadhaa Akbar.
  • Later on Sunday, I caught a fantastic documentary on the PBS Independent Lens series, Na Kamalei:  The Men of Hula.  It was about a men's hula school/troupe that has been around for over 30 years.  It was founded in the 70s when the native Hawaiian movement was starting to take off and native Hawaiians were reclaiming their own heritage from the Western and Japanese controlled tourist kitch it had been reduced to.  At the same time, the men who wanted to dance were fighting stereotypes about men who dance, made even worse in the dominant cultures' eyes by the soft fluid gestures of hula.  All that alone would have been fascinating, but the program also delved into what dance meant personally to the men who did it, especially since the troupe was made up of men of all different ages and sizes, not just the young and athletic types most other modern male troupes had.  This should be sounding pretty familiar to the belly dancers on the flist.  Beautiful program, I highly recommend it.
  • Minor seizure by Ianto on Sunday morning :-(  But I remind myself that the vet did say it would take a week for the new medication to become fully effective, and it won't have been a week until Wednesday night.  And it was minor.  I continue to watch and nurture, as always.
  • Awful nightmare last night about finding a decapitated head inside my apartment's walls.  It stared through me and slowly B L I N K E D.  I closed up the walls and tried to pretend it wasn't there, but I knew it was a lie.  My only hope was that it wouldn't notice we were there.  Wolves were howling outside but it turned out to be the television.
Feels strange not to have Amira Jamal's dance class tonight.  OTOH it feels kind of good to know I can go grocery shopping at the beginning of the week and then go home and eat real food and go to bed at a reasonable hour.

I gave up

Oct. 1st, 2008 03:42 pm
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and admitted that I was sick, and that I should listen when a doctor tells me to rest.  So today I am home.  I slept about ten and a half hours last night; I feel slightly yuckier today than yesterday, but maybe that's because I'm letting myself slow down enough to feel it.  Hopefully a day of real rest will do the trick.  I do have to do laundry today, though my brain is trying to convince me that it would be okay to wear pyjamas to work tomorrow.  No, brain, it really wouldn't.

I feel like I had a bunch of things to update about, but they have all fled my head.  There probably wasn't enough room for both the swollen sinuses and thoughts in there.

I dreamed that I was at a museum of urban myths and folklore, looking at different exhibits.  I came to a grizzly bear sleeping in a snowbank and without thinking I patted it on the head, waking it up.  I looked for the exhibit sign to tell me what to do, but there was no sign.  I figured this meant it was the part of the museum where you have to work out the proper solution for yourself.  I remembered reading somewhere that if you walked in a zigzag pattern, the bear would get confused and not follow you.  I tried that, but the bear just attentively walked with me.  I sat on the snowbank with the bear, petting it and talking to it, and thought maybe it would be okay if I just lay down in the snow with the bear.  The bear was quite soft.  On some level I was aware that it would probably mean either freezing to death or being eaten by the bear, who was now friendly but who knew about later, but it didn't really matter that much to me.  I had a slightly sad sense of inevitability about it, but really it was okay.  And there was the chance I wouldn't die anyway, though I knew I'd be changed either way.

I should not watch Grizzly Diaries before going to sleep.
Oh, I am making my debut at the Red Fez Saturday, Nov. 9.  Let the anxiety commence!
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Wednesday I did something I have never done before:  bought something knowing full well I was going to return it.  My search for boots in Harvard Square turned out to be, to use an entirely appropriate word, bootless, so I resorted to ordering a couple of pairs of boots online from, which like Zappos has free return shipping.  I'll keep the pair that fits best and ship the other one back, or ship them both back if neither fits and have them ship me some more.  It seems awfully decadent to have stuff delivered to me just to try on, but I guess that's the modern world we live in.  Another advantage of doing it this way is that I get a cashback bonus for using my Discover card at that vendor, so I'm saving money on top of it being more convenient.  Still seems terribly profligate and wrong somehow though.  Shnells, I'd still be into going shoe shopping sometime though, I want to find cute shoes that don't make my feet hurt and that I can go out Arabic-dancing in, if such shoes exist anywhere in this world.

In other shoe news, three days in a row of wearing my Earth shoes has made a real difference in the plantar fasciitis in my right heel.  If you've got PF, I highly recommend Earth shoes.  They continually but gently stretch your calves and ankles and hamstrings.  Good for the hips and lower back, too.

Finally had a chance to get in some yoga last night.  It was much needed.  Of course as soon as I reached savasana the neighbor kids started rampaging, and M was twanging away on his guitar (he uses headphones, but the physical strings are still fairly noisy).  I held an image in my head of the earth lying solid and silent and dark underneath all the activity of life on top of it, eternal and never changing despite all the fuss and bother on its surface, and it was surprisingly effective at keeping all the commotion from affecting me.  I really didn't think I had it in me to relax under the circumstances but I'm glad I did.

Started Season 2 of Torchwood last night, with the famed James Marsters-John Barrowman liplock.  Oh those naughty captains.  And poor jealous Ianto.  The show is rather veering into Lex territory but I still like it.  Pretty people being cool and sexy and tossing off one-liners, nothing wrong with that.

Dreamed last night that it was Raks Spooki showtime, and I realized I'd never written up a schedule.  It's too soon for me to be having anxiety dreams about the show!

le weekend

Aug. 11th, 2008 12:38 pm
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I bought this for the ferrets.  I could not help myself.

A very good, if action-packed, weekend.  Saturday I worked on a meleya leff DVD for some inspiration, and I was indeed inspired.  Then I watched the Arlington Million and went to a party out in Baldwinsville.  No Baldwins live there, but college friends of M's do.  [ profile] tisana , they all say hi!  Several million hungry mosquitoes also live there, and despite my wearing long pants, my legs are pretty chewed up.  I guess the bugs couldn't bite through my hoodie's sleeves but they could bite through my pants.  But on the positive side, the plethora of mosquitoes and other bugs meant that we got a wonderful aerial show put on by daredevil bats at dusk.  So elegant and neat.

Sunday I put my meleya inspiration to work and made progress with my number for Jane Doe.  As always, I wish I had another week to prep it.  I think it will work out okay though.  The DVD did help.  The samba drum solo is also pulling together.  From a technical standpoint, it's challenging to switch between dancing to the underlying samba rhythm and dancing to the overarching Arabic rhythms, and deciding when one should take prominence over the other in my interpretation.  It definitely makes me appreciate Sayed Balaha's brilliance as a percussionist to have put it all together in the first place.  Sunday concluded with excellent food and great conversation, and later falling asleep on the couch to Project Runway.  None of the designers really stand out so far.

Last night I dreamed about bald eagles and three pet wolverines who were all named Seti.  The eagles were soft (as I know in real life they are) and they needed to be brought somewhere to be released.  Gingerly, I had decided to trust the wolverines in the house, and also around the eagles.  Insert interpretation about love and loss and daring to love again here.

When your body is crazy full of histimines, you really shouldn't eat things that you know will trigger the production of more, like, for example, peanut butter cups.  Even little ones.


Jul. 25th, 2008 12:11 pm
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well that was a surprise )

Hearing The Man I Love made me dream about singing Billie Holiday songs.  Now I want a bottle of wine and a couple of hours to myself...


Jul. 3rd, 2008 12:28 pm
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started slow, got better )

Last night I had a dream that featured amphibious elephants, small ones about German shepherd sized.

Now I go pull weeds from the garden.  Fun, fun.
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1.  Sick
2.  Seasonal allergies
3.  Allergic to papaya (had some for breakfast)

It's one of those three things, but I can't put my finger on which it is.  Maybe some combination.  Petals from flowering dogwoods are blowing up and down the street I work on, which makes one's morning walk quite pretty but I think does not do much good for sinuses.

Mother's Day was ok--we spent it with the in-laws.  I was glad to do something nice for my mother-in-law but I missed my own mom.  I'll try to schedule something with her soon, though now that my dad's partially retired their calendar is almost as busy as ours.

Dreamed about whales last night, after watching a beautiful show on Animal Planet about humpback whales.  The narration of the show made little structural sense but the footage was gorgeous.  The narrator should have just said "here, watch some whales be beautiful" at the beginning and left it at that.  Anyway it was so striking it filled my dreams.  The first night I was out in the field in my job in Alaska, I fell asleep listening to the sound of a pod of humpback whales breathing in a nearby channel, so they always seem welcoming and comforting to me.

I do believe I am 100 percent in solidarity with [ profile] rojagato  about trucks within metro Boston.  Bad trucks.
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Saturday my massage therapist worked small miracles on my foot.  I think all my muscles had seized up in response to the constant pain and swelling and were stressed from walking oddly.  I'm still not pain free but I'm considerably more comfortable.  As I said to M, my foot now feels like it has the occasional dull ember in it and not a constant hot sharp knife.  My toes actually hurt more than the ball of my foot now.  I have to be careful not to over use it in the coming weeks but I feel much more optimistic.  I may survive the Morocco workshop and trip to Vegas in decent shape after all.  I ordered a balance board for myself because I think using that in physical therapy really helped keep my arches and ankles strong--I just sold some back issues of a belly dance magazine which covered the cost of the board almost exactly, making me feel quite clever.

Saturday I also watched the Wood Memorial and the Santa Anita Derby.  I'm doing much better this year in keeping up with the major prep races for the Kentucky Derby.  I thought for sure Colonel John was going to fade as they entered the backstretch in the Santa Anita, even saw a moment where I thought he was out of gas, but boy did he dig in deep.  He came out looking really good, too.  Big Brown is still my sentimental favorite, but I think this year there's a lot of talent and a lot of heart going into the Derby.

Sunday I danced!  and did some yoga.  Not as much as I wanted of either, especially given that I'm supposed to present a piece in AJ's class tonight, but still.  I wasn't any more achy after dancing than I was when I started, and I think the yoga actually helped a lot (see above about seized up muscles).  We did a bunch of shopping that evening and I had a little trouble negotiating the endless aisles of Target, but the soreness left after a bit.   We now have a brand new suitcase that is not mildewed from sitting in basements for too many years and a new trash barrel that is not falling apart and has an honest to goodness lid.  Also I now have a pretty plastic swan.  I try not to buy more junk but sometimes it just sticks to you, you know?  Those Schleich models are very cool, I would have flipped over them as a kid and as it was I had to convince myself that we did not need extra horses and elves and unicorns and okapis in the house.  It's like the next generation of Britains Ltd, bigger and more detailed.

Last week I watched Paprika--I think Satoshi Kon is one of my favorite directors ever, anime or otherwise.  His films just keep getting better and better.  I somehow hadn't realized that he did the Paranoia Agent series, but it makes perfect sense.  I love the way he blends the fantastic with serious social commentary.  There's an interview with him, the author of the manga Paprika was based on and the two lead voice actors in the Paprika DVD extras, and he's just so charming.  I'm aesthetically and intellectually smitten.

Dreamed very vividly of Seti last night, I think for the first time since he passed away, or at least the first time this vividly.  It was nice to see him again.  As usual when I dream of past ferrets, the overwhelming sensation was tactile, the feel of fur and warmth.
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I invented a yummy dinner last night, which I record here so I won't forget it.  I sauteed garlic in olive oil, mixed that with more olive oil and some balsamic vinegar, and used that dressing to coat some zucchini and yellow pepper skewers, as well as some slabs o' extra firm tofu, pressed to get the extra water out.  Meanwhile I had some sundried tomatoes rehydrating in boiling water.  Then I grilled the skewers and tofu. While that stuff was grilling, I boiled up some penne pasta, adding the tomato water and a bay leaf for flavor.  I got the bay leaf tip from a Penzy's flyer, it's a great idea.  When everything was cooked, I cubed the tofu, chopped up the tomatoes and some basil from the garden, and tossed all the ingredients together with some Penzy's pasta sprinkle (basically, mixed Italian herbs) and a little of the olive oil and balsamic dressing.  It was delicious!  And I made lots of it, so I can eat it again tonight and I had enough to freeze a couple of dinner-sized portions.

I thought I had something else profound to say, but perhaps I didn't.  Have not felt well all day and debated calling in sick to work, but I had stuff to do and figured it's Thursday, the weekend is almost here.  I suspect I might have given myself some mild heat stroke on Monday night at the Dance Complex and once the weather turned hot and humid again this morning my body got cranky about it.

Been dreaming about Amelia a lot lately.  Holding her in a dream last night felt very real.
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amazing ferret soft sculpture.  If I owned one I would be constantly doing double takes thinking some other ferret had snuck into the house.  Ronan did the cutest thing last night; I was kneeling on the floor, and he crawled underneath me, curling up with his body between my ankles and his head sticking out between my knees.  I felt like a mommy penguin.  He's been very affectionate lately.  He doesn't really like to be held for more than a few seconds, but he likes to lie down near us, almost like a little dog.

Worked on three pieces of music last night, two songs for Saturday and my Amira Jamal recital piece, which I am supposed to perform in class on Monday.  I was pretty happy with everything.  That was a particular relief in the case of the recital piece, because I don't think I'll have time to work on it again between now and then.  I'm glad that I decided to do some work with double veils (for Saturday) so that I could finally get to know my veils.  Gradually I am figuring out the tricks of dealing with them, esp. the importance of momentum.  I didn't feel in class as though I was very good with them, but using one's own music choice makes a huge difference.  During practices I've been letting the screw-ups happen and keeping on dancing so that I'll have practice in what to do if things go wrong, so that hopefully if anything does go haywire no one will be any the wiser.

Did Aziza's shimmy drill last night thinking that it would be exactly what my sore quads needed.  Could barely walk when I was done, but I do feel much recovered today.  Shake that soreness out!

Watched a few episodes of Samurai Champloo last night and I dreamed in its artwork.  I can't remember what the dream was about, if it was really about anything, but I remember ever so vibrantly my surroundings.

It is ridiculous to have to wear earmuffs in April.  Wednesday marked the fourth time that my poor hyacinth has put up shoots only to be clobbered by snow.  Somehow it is still hanging in there!
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Dreamed last night that I went first to Singularity, which was being held in a large, well-lit conference room.  I was excited to try out Rachel Brice moves on the dance floor but it turned out everybody was being taught how to samba in a giant conga line.  The strange thing was, it didn't really seem all that out of the ordinary.  Then I went to some hotel where Anders was putting on a Dark Sky event with Einsturzende Neubauten and some 80s retro revival band.  There weren't very many people there, although I did see [ profile] cris  and [ profile] silentq  sitting at a table together.  Nobody was dancing to Neubauten or even standing near the stage and I was just going to break the dance floor ice when the singer of the other band insisted on singing a song with them, so they did a cover of "Everything Counts," which M kept insisting was by Ah-Ha.  I knew that wasn't right, but I couldn't remember in the dream who really did the song.  Then one of the members of Neubauten, Andrew Unruh, offered to sell me his digital camera for very cheap.  I said sure, and he gave me an address to send paypal money to, but when I typed it in, it turned out to be the numbers from Lost.  I was staring at the computer screen when my alarm went off, so I never did hit enter...

Talked to Najmat last night about how I handled the body-tipping incident, and she said I handled it exactly right (indicating the money should go on my head, and then putting the money on the stage rather than leaving it in my costume).  She also said that the guys all talk amongst themselves about the dancers, and while they do tip the dancers who come up asking for tips, they see the dancers who don't do that as more classy and have more respect for them.  So good--I have more respect for me, they have more respect for me, and maybe I don't make so much money but respect is more important anyway.  And it's reassuring to know that my instincts were on target.

Listening to my music for Sunday on endless loop this morning, it occured to me that my entrance piece works better as an exit piece.  I never would have thought of it without the looping.  Technology can be so helpful!  I'm using the Solo Accordion piece from Belly Dance with Dina as the main part of the routine, then Gahwa Dance Time was going to be the intro but now will be the finale, and the Hidiyya Hindiyya drum solo from Nourhan's Advanced Rhythms CD, because I like strange rhythms and time signatures (7/8, in this case).  At any rate, I like them in Arabic music, not so much in Turkish.    Turkish 9/8s feel to me like the music is ordering you what to do, whereas Arabic 9/8s, etc invite you to play with the beat. I still want to work on that Samai (10/8) drum solo, too, but I want to really give that one some serious attention, not prepare it in a rush.  Already thinking ahead to Johara's contest next fall--I definitely want to do something with some Samai and also some good earthy cane.  That combined with my having done gothic stuff last year should confuse the hell out of people about me, but that's ok--it's all authentically me :-)
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Got spring fever, oh yes I do.  Don't want to be at work! 

I've been slightly obsessed with the M.I.A. song "Amazon" the last couple of days; I suppose it's all the green stuff appearing outside.  I swear the day lily shoots in my front yard tripled in size from yesterday morning.  But the song:  it's not remotely pc but god is it sexy.  Spring, spring, spring.

I think spring fever is all that kept me going through last night's Greek routine marathon in Amira Jamal's class.  I do better with that music than I used to, but hoo boy is it fast.  I think the drum solos are actually slower than the main songs with their rapid-fire bazouki.  I ended up doing a lot of travelling steps to keep up with the music, which led to the good realization that these months of dancing at the Middle East have resulted in my being able to fully use my available space much better.  I used to pretty much hang in one spot in these improv exercises in AJ's class, but now I work the whole floor space.  Next step:  figure out how to look like I'm moving fast without really doing so, or without being exhausted after 20 minutes of a routine.

Bad ex dreams last night, but a few nights ago I had this awesome dream of being on a quest in the company of a couple of tyrannasauruses rex.  They didn't have wings, but they could fly.  The quest had something to do with liberating their country, or breaking a spell that had been put over them, or something like that.  They were quite intelligent and I knew that we were very good friends, and that I was very worried about them but confident that we would succeed.

This is such a manic time of year.  Now I'm ready for a nap.
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We were very surprised to be greeted at the front door by Ronan when we came home late Saturday night--apparently, he has lost so much weight that he is now able to slip under the gate that keeps the weasels in the bedroom when we aren't home.  He tried to act all nonchalant about it, just strolled up to say hi like he always does this.  He didn't seem to get into too much mischief, so hopefully he hadn't been out for long.  On its way from Babies-R-Us is a new gate that goes all the way down to the floor--we'll foil that weasel!  It was cute to see him being so adventurous though.

It made me think though how large Amelia was for a female ferret--she never fit under the gate, and Ronan managed it even with some cardboard taped over it (the cardboard had been enough to keep Pan from sliding under).  In April she'll have been gone for four years.  I still dream about her, as recently as last week.  It was a nice dream, nothing really happened in it but she was there.


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