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I just got this from Sabrina, concerning belly dancing at the Middle East:

Dear Dancers,

I regretfully must inform you all that, effective immediately, due to the economic situation, the management has decided to discontinue belly dancing as we have had it on Sunday and Wednesday evenings and will be replacing the entertainment on those nights with other kinds, of which it seems not yet certain of what that will be.

This is my last and saddest email to you from this yahoo group, which I am now dismantling.

Thank you for being your beautiful dancing selves!


Words cannot express how awful this is. The Middle East was synonymous with continuity in the dance scene in Boston. We all had our occasional complaints and issues, but it felt like bedrock nonetheless. And I don't know where beginning dancers will get their restaurant experience. How much could the nights have cost them? Why not cut back to just one night, why cut both?

Fuck. Guess I don't have to keep working on my set for this Sunday...
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Was working on my cane piece for Shimmies for a Cure this afternoon, getting very frustrated and feeling like I'd forgotten everything I ever knew about cane.  Practicing cane is also pretty awkward in my living room (half the time when I go to tap the floor, I have to tap the couch, and not smashing the tv is always a concern), which didn't help.  So, I thought I would try out my white galibeya, pretty much the whole costume, coin belt, saidi hat, anklets--everything but jewelry and makeup.  Lo and behold, once I took a look at myself and saw I resembled exactly what I wanted to resemble, it all came much more easily and I liked what I did in that run through.  It's going to be a ton of fun to do at the show, that galibeya puts me right into character.  I think I will see about renting space somewhere in the next couple of weeks, though.  I think we don't have Najmat's class the last Tuesday of the month, so I could rent our classroom space then.

Yesterday M and I went to Flora, just down the street from us.  We've lived within a mile of the restaurant for years now and somehow never made it over there.  The building was my bank when I was a kid, though.  We were quite impressed with our meals and enjoyed the atmosphere.  We were offered the Restaurant Week menu even though the participating restaurants aren't required to offer their special menus on Saturday.  I had cod cakes with puttanesca sauce and watercress for an appetizer and an absolutely delicious wild mushroom risotto with acorn squash and some kind of greens.  M also had the cod cakes and some beef thing that he said was excellent.  I also had a good cocktail called a 1794, I believe equal parts rye, campari and sweet vermouth.  They are one of the very few places in Arlington with a full liquor license, and I think we might perhaps make a habit in the summer of walking over and having cocktails and light snacks (crazy Arlington by-law, you can't order just booze, you have to order food with it, otherwise you might think you were in a bar and cause mayhem and anarchy). 

Tonight I will be bad and order pizza for dinner, I do believe.
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Thanks to the people who commented here about the Middle East situation (the one in Cambridge, not, you know, Palestine and all that) and to some of the more thoughtful posters on bhuz (notably Asim, who I really appreciated), I feel a bit better about things.  I feel like I have a strategy for myself, and that alone makes me feel more empowered.  Those mean girls on the internet will have to find somebody else to bludgeon.

My foot is feeling worse, however.  This is really not good.  I'm going to have to take a couple of days off from dancing whether I want to or not, and focus on yoga that won't put stress on the ball of my foot or my toes.  I've got a gig (at the ME, of course) on Sunday and it really needs to be much better for the Dina workshop because I know I will not be able to hold myself back from pushing it too far.  Even in Najmat's class this evening I kept doing more than I should have.  So it's a couple of days of rest, ice, whatever c stands for and elevation for me.


Jul. 16th, 2007 04:13 pm
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Last week Amira Jamal emailed me to apologize for the fact that she wouldn't be getting my teacher review to me until Monday, today.  For some reason I hadn't expected her to have it before Monday, so that was fine.  But now it's 4pm on Monday and I'm so anxious about it!  I know there were some things that I did well and some things that I did not so well and I'm very interested in getting the feedback. *chews nails*

Put together my set for this Sunday, I like it.  I used a classy pop song by Fella, a nice nay baladi progression taqsim and that same damn drum solo from the Virginia album that everybody and her frakkin' sister dances to, but I am lazy this week and don't want to work hard on preparing a new drum solo or even re-visiting a particularly complex one.  Fella was an emusic discovery and I'm getting really into her.  She's Algerian--do they all have wonderfully gravelly voices?--but in an interview says she thinks of herself more as a pan-Arab artist, which really comes through in her music.  I like her videos too, she dares to be different by doing things like dressing in a tux instead of the sexy sexy things Arabic singers are supposed to wear.  She comes across as a classy, strong woman.

My upcoming performance schedule:

July 22--nursing home gig, then Middle East, 10:40
July 29--Middle East, 10:40
August 3--Performing with Walter Sickert as a broken dancing toy at Blacksun show at All Asia Cafe
August 5--Jane Doe Benefit, Middle East Upstairs, 12-5
August 12--Middle East, 10:40
August 19--Middle East, 10:40
August 25--Diva Pageant, Springstep Studio, Medford, 5pm-7ish?

and October 22, Bela Lugosi tribute show in Lowell.
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So nice to have another day of relaxation.  Last night's show at the Middle East was a ton of fun, and I had a great time hanging out later.  I really wish I could do it more often.  A bunch of the regulars all said to me how nice it was to see me staying and dancing with everybody, which was touching.  And Najmat telling me and Kinadancer that she was proud of her girls was a high point of not just the night but my week, really.  Pretty much danced til closing and dragged my sweaty self home.  Today I finally slept the long time that I've been needing (I think actually that anxiety over not giving Ronan his morning meds was keeping me from sleeping :-( ), ate breakfast at 3 in the afternoon and did about two hours of yoga, blissfully stretching out all the dancing of the night before.  One hot shower later and I am a happy woman.

When I went out to see the Pirates movie on Saturday, it was actually hard for me to do.  I'm used to spending my Saturday afternoons prepping for whatever shows I've got coming up and doing yoga and I felt guilty for giving that up just to see a movie.  But then I reminded myself that it wasn't just seeing a movie, it was being with friends and engaging with the larger world.  Sunday I went to the other extreme and didn't go to an afternoon cookout because I had a show that night and needed the time for warming up, washing my hair, eating the right things and not a bunch of random stuff, etc.  Either way, there are pluses and minuses.  I still wish I'd had time to practice on Saturday but I do feel good for having gone out.  Balance...

Now to grill stuff and make a drink with rum, ginger, limes and cranberry seltzer.  I am hoping the drink will taste good.  I'll name it the Captain Badriya if it is good and I won't name it anything if it's no good.
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Trying to figure out a set for Sunday's show, so I can maybe run through it a couple of times between now and then... I keep hearing all this great grand Egyptian stuff and putting together these great classical sets, then listening to them and remembering that those sets never really work that well in a restaurant setting.  It's not that I don't like the pop songs, I genuinely have fun dancing to them, but it's just not as fulfilling.  I need to find myself a stage show.  Maybe the next NBDA thing...  Well, if nothing else I can sneak some good saidi in Sunday's set!

Thought a lot about trying to go to Texas for the Fifi Abdo workshop, but ultimately decided not to, for basically two reasons (besides money, of course).  One is that she has never taught before.  She could be brilliant, but she also could be not brilliant, and also I have no idea what her English might be like, though I assume there'd be a translator to help.  The second is that it will be a mob scene and I'm afraid it would just end up being frustrating.  So I'm going to read the reviews and if it was amazing I will kick myself and make sure I get myself there the next time she comes anywhere in this hemisphere.  And buy the DVD.


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