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Last night after a two and a half hour journey by public transportation from Kenmore Square to Jamaica Plain back to Arlington, I sat down and did not move for two hours and forty-five minutes to watch The Yacoubian Building, an Egyptian film by director Marwan Hamed with an all-star cast including the luminous Hend Sabri.  It is not an easy movie to watch, both for its length and for some very unpleasant things that happen, but I highly recommend it.  I gather from my book on Arab popular culture, which I really shall get around to writing about someday, that this was a groundbreaking film in Egyptian cinema for daring to tackle taboo subjects, from the obvious one of homosexuality to less-obvious-to-the-non-Egyptian-viewer taboos regarding religion and politics and gender and sex.  The movie is certainly Allegory writ large, as most of the non-comedic, non-musical Egyptian films I've seen tend to be, but with a more fluid moralistic stance than most other Egyptian films I've seen.  more review )

And because I have to find something relevant to belly dance in any Egyptian film I watch, I note that I now understand the cultural context of Yasmina of Cairo's rooftop baladi performance--there are entire small villages on top of the large buildings of Cairo where the working class poor/immigrants from the countryside live, and where laundries are frequently located. 
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From today's American Cancer Society benefit in Salem, hosted by PURE and Phoenix Avathar. All improv, I only picked the music two weeks ago :)

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I filled out my Zipcar application, yay!  Thanks everyone for the glowing Zipcar references, you made the decision a lot easier.  Oh!  While I was typing that last sentence, I received my approval notification email!  So I could potentially be behind the wheel of any zipcar you encounter out there on the road.  Be warned!

Only three of us showed up for Najmat's class last night and all of us, including Najmat, were low energy and dragging, so class was cancelled on account of lack of motivation.  Hung out talking for a while, then went home and finally did some of Ranya Renee's baladi drills, which actually were rather a lot like being in class with Najmat!  Very very similar style and movement vocabulary and interpretation.  I just did the Baladi 1 set, about an hour and fifteen minutes.  I was pretty much able to keep up with everything, and where I couldn't, I made up my own stuff as Ranya suggests you do.  I was pleased to realize that my natural inclination with baladi music was very close to what Ranya was doing, to the point where sometimes I could anticipate what she was going to do next.  So I think when she told me she liked what she saw of my performance at her workshop show, she wasn't just being nice, I really was doing the right things.  (why do we always doubt praise from people?  where's our inner Stuart Smiley when we need him?)  Anyway, awesomeness all around and it made up for missing class.  I'll be doing an upbeat baladi piece, not a taqsim but just a nice sassy song (the descriptively titled "Medley" from Nahawnd, the Rakset Kitty CD), at Hips for Hope on May 17, so this was good practice.

Annoyed Sissy last night by emtpying out all her toy stashes and leaving her toys out in the middle of the floor, so she had to put them all away again.  I am so mean! :-)
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One hour of listening to M on the phone with Dell before they dropped the call + one hour of me being on the phone with Dell before they dropped the call + two hours of me on the phone with Dell = whiskey please stat

I don't know yet if we made any progress.  In a way we did, because the repeated calls have enabled us to get software tech support for free.  Previously they insisted they would charge us for anything beyond very basic hardware support.  Right now the solutions are 1) install new codecs and see if that helps (done, don't know yet); 2) if that doesn't work, reinstall Vista; and 3) if that doesn't work, a tech guy comes to our house and swaps out the motherboard.  The tech people were nice, by and large, but often seemed incapable of hearing what I had already stated a few times over.  It wasn't a language thing, either.  The tech would ask me, "is the sound distorted?" to which I replied no, it pops and drops out for a fraction of a second and comes back, the basic sound quality is fine.  Okay, says the tech.  A moment later, "So when you hear the sound distorted..."  I repeat no distortion, okay says the tech, and moments later it's "Is is still distorted?"  Argh.  I think the tech was trying to talk me into saying it was a problem that he knew how to fix.  He also kept insisting it had something to do with the bitrate at which mp3s were ripped from CDs, even though I emphasized this happened with all kinds of files, even those created from scratch that had never been on a CD or had never been mp3s.

So as things stand now, I installed up to date codecs, and M will do some sound work tonight and see if the problem reoccurs.  A Dell person is supposed to call tomorrow night to check up on it.  Whatever.

I feel like I spent a full day at work despite the snow day.  I had intended to watch/dance with Ranya Renee's new baladi DVDs today, but only got to watch the first 45 minutes or so of the first disc.  That said, though, I officially join the Ranya cult.  So much information, and she is such a stellar dancer!  I think this DVD is pretty unique in the way she breaks down rhythm and song structure.  I especially liked the demonstration of how a maqsoum layered over a fellahi sounds--light dawned for me.  I loved the stories of her accordion player, too.
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My copy of the Hoda Sinbati album "Ala Mahlik" from Sands of Time arrived yesterday--if you like baladi music, you must get this album!  Hoda's voice is amazing, gritty but sweet, and the musicians are fantastic.  The booklet that goes with the album isn't ready yet, but Yasmin included a line by line translation of the lyrics, awesomely accompanied by the Arabic words so you know what is really being sung when.  And the whole concept of having shorter versions of each song that can be incorporated into dance routines is excellent.  To order, contact Yasmin directly.
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After about four hours of power outage at work yesterday, we gave up and closed up the office.  I took advantage of my extra couple of hours by finally finishing the Aida Nour workshop DVD I got three or four months ago.  I really enjoyed it.  It's not a terribly complex choreography but it's a very satisfying one.  There's enough repetition in it that I think I could use it to drill arabesques and other turning foot patterns, since there's a lot of them, so it's a DVD I'll revisit.  The choreography is Reda orientale but Aida Nour is definitely more of a baladi/shaabi dancer so it's very grounded, even with all the swooping and turning.  A technical note--this is very good quality filmwork compared to some of the other workshop DVDs I have, and Aida Nour is a very clear instructor, obviously very comfortable teaching.  There does seem to be some continuity issue such that I wasn't sure that the choreography was presented in all the right order, but it's repetitive enough that it's easy to sort it out when it all gets put together.  All in all, I'd recommend it.  It's her 2005 workshop with Little Egypt.  (back when I first got this DVD, I couldn't make it through more than about 45 minutes of it due to foot pain.  Last night, it was no problem at all to complete it.  Yay progress!)

Then while I ate dinner, I finished watching a Mona Said/Hanan/Nelly DVD that I had also previously only watched part of.  I'm so in love with Mona Said, she makes me cry happy tears.  These are the performances in which she wears a black fishnet dress with a lot of gold fringe on the lower half of the dress.  In one of the pieces, she spends the entire song (an Om K piece whose name I don't remember as I'm bad at names and a taqsim) pretty much rooted in one place, moving her feet only when needed for balance in a back bend or sway.  It's just stunning, all raw emotion and passion.  So, so inspirational.  I liked Nelly a lot too; her hipwork is very intricate in a Tahiya Carioca kind of way and she's got a very nice stage presence, tons of fun.  Hanan did not do much for me.  She was Nagwa Fouad-ish and had the plastic smile that doesn't reach the eyes thing going on, and it just looked awful, especially next to Mona.  I know she's well regarded, so maybe it was just this performance.  The DVD included some of Mona's gold bikini drum solo, but unfortunately there's footage of the other dancers (dancing to other music) cut in.  Anyway, a good purchase and like the Aida Nour instructional, something I'll go back to again.

I'm certainly all fired up for dance class tonight!

new video

Jun. 28th, 2008 05:32 pm
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I won the fight with the software, so here's my performance at Amira Jamal's May 3 student recital. Unfortunately there's a little blip in the video, due to something about the way the data was chunked up on the original DVD--my performance overlapped two chunks, so I had to paste the pieces back together. As I said, the bit before the ending is a little uninspired, but I'm happy with my progress in the rest of it. And I'm super happy with that L. Rose top and skirt combo I'm wearing :-)

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Women in the City of the Dead, by Helen Watson, is a collection of life stories and creative stories told by the very poor women who live in the City of the Dead, a giant graveyard over four centuries old just outside Cairo.  Initially it was inhabited only by gravediggers and groundskeepers and their families, but as more and more rural people moved to Cairo to seek their fortunes, the already overpopulated city could not contain them all and so many people moved into the City of the Dead, which has become a community onto itself.

lengthy book reveiw )
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Last night I did one of my Fifi Abdo Dallas workshop DVDs, the first half of the Sunday workshop.  I think I had known it was cane but had forgotten.  It was a really interesting contrast to work on Fifi style cane after Mohammed Shahin's Reda style cane choreography on Saturday.  Fifi's not strictly baladi as she's really her own creature, but I felt that kind of opposition between high and low culture.  Reda style is about control and elegance, whereas Fifi's style was more about letting go, although always within the music.  Performance doesn't have to be authentic with her but it is always from the heart, and has as much humor as beauty.  I suppose Reda style is heartfelt in its own way too, but there's a certain artificialness to it that leaves me a little cold, there's too much emphasis on perfection and little perceivable spontaneity.  Possibly I feel this way only because currently I am trying to get rid of some of my Reda-esque ingrained habits.  Fifi is just the right influence, spontaneous to a big lovely generous fault.  Amira Jamal has remarked to me in the past that I often looked like I was dancing in a troupe even when I was performing solo; that's the kind of thing I'm talking about trying to move away from.  I think I've made big strides in that regard but it's still something I'm aware of needing to counter.  I was pretty proud of myself for being able to improvise my Shimmies for a Cure cane piece this year, because in some ways cane is one of the hardest places to break that excessive self-control.

I did learn in the course of the workshop why Fifi always spins her cane backwards:  it's because you take up less space that way.  Makes sense, because if you hold your hand in the same place whichever way you spin it, then the cane spends more of its circle alongside your body when you are spinning it backwards.  I spun backwards right along with her; I usually spin frontwards but after an hour I got pretty comfortable with backwards and will use it more often. 

She talks a lot and jokes around while teaching, but to me that seems like part of the package of learning from Fifi Abdo.  You learn what it is to be her, and that's as big a part of her dancing as her technique is.  I wanna be her when I grow up.
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Was working on my cane piece for Shimmies for a Cure this afternoon, getting very frustrated and feeling like I'd forgotten everything I ever knew about cane.  Practicing cane is also pretty awkward in my living room (half the time when I go to tap the floor, I have to tap the couch, and not smashing the tv is always a concern), which didn't help.  So, I thought I would try out my white galibeya, pretty much the whole costume, coin belt, saidi hat, anklets--everything but jewelry and makeup.  Lo and behold, once I took a look at myself and saw I resembled exactly what I wanted to resemble, it all came much more easily and I liked what I did in that run through.  It's going to be a ton of fun to do at the show, that galibeya puts me right into character.  I think I will see about renting space somewhere in the next couple of weeks, though.  I think we don't have Najmat's class the last Tuesday of the month, so I could rent our classroom space then.

Yesterday M and I went to Flora, just down the street from us.  We've lived within a mile of the restaurant for years now and somehow never made it over there.  The building was my bank when I was a kid, though.  We were quite impressed with our meals and enjoyed the atmosphere.  We were offered the Restaurant Week menu even though the participating restaurants aren't required to offer their special menus on Saturday.  I had cod cakes with puttanesca sauce and watercress for an appetizer and an absolutely delicious wild mushroom risotto with acorn squash and some kind of greens.  M also had the cod cakes and some beef thing that he said was excellent.  I also had a good cocktail called a 1794, I believe equal parts rye, campari and sweet vermouth.  They are one of the very few places in Arlington with a full liquor license, and I think we might perhaps make a habit in the summer of walking over and having cocktails and light snacks (crazy Arlington by-law, you can't order just booze, you have to order food with it, otherwise you might think you were in a bar and cause mayhem and anarchy). 

Tonight I will be bad and order pizza for dinner, I do believe.
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I just did the Saturday DVD of Fifi Abdo's workshop in Dallas last year, and OMG I am in love!!!  The movements felt so completely right, I was smiling along in my living room all by myself.  Both songs, the fast version of Tamra Henna from Jalilah's 3 and Saad's version of El Hantour, were already pretty familiar to me (oh lordy is Tamra Henna familiar to me), so I could really feel her interpretation.  She never danced a song through the same way twice, so this is not a DVD for somebody looking for choreography, but if one is looking for solid baladi interpretations of a classic and a pop classic , then one need not look any further.  This is something I will go back to again and again, especially when I need a shot of joy in my dancing.  Many of the movements are simple*, but she uses them so effectively, and it's a good lesson for a Western dancer in how to slow down and not over complicate things.  Plus it's a good opportunity to work on presentation and personality, which I think was really Fifi's goal for the workshop anyway, based on the things she was saying.  In the immediately useful department, I was just thinking the other day that I should use some horsey movements in the baladi performance that I'll be doing more or less during the Kentucky Derby, and boy do I have some horsey movements now, after Fifi's El Hantour! 

*sort of shocked by the number of people, judging from the questions, who were at a Fifi workshop but did not seem to know basic Egyptian movement vocabulary, but it makes me value Seyyide and Najmat all the more.

From a technical perspective it's not a perfect DVD; the voices are often difficult to hear (the music is loud and clear though, necessitating constant leaps for the volume buttons).  It would be nice if Little Egypt could mike the stage somehow for workshops and not rely on the camera's microphone.  And Fifi does do a lot of joking around, which as I understand it some workshop attendees found a time waster, but I found that nearly as educational as the dancing, because it's part of her whole persona that makes her dancing what it is.

Another benefit of this DVD is the use of the song Tamra Henna--Sarab danced to that song and I had that choreography drilled deeply into my head.  That's the song that I came in as pinch-hitter for after I officially left the troupe.  I love the song, and that version of it, very much but I couldn't break free of the choreo, muscle memory was just too strong.  Dancing it through six or eight times differently every time with Fifi's less sharqi, more baladi interpretation I think has broken the choreography's spell over me!

Foot held up pretty well through all the dancing.  I'm really yearning to get back to performing now!
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*love* this baladi clip of Yasmina of Cairo:

It seems to be from the movie Journey of Desire: A Foreign Dancer in Cairo. I'm going to have to find out if it's available region-free...
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Not just one review, but two, as I watched another film last night.  I suppose really these aren't so much reviews as collected thoughts.  Both are rather lengthy.

A Man in Our House )

The Nightingale's Prayer )
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My white galibeya arrived yesterday, yay!  I haven't tried it on yet but it looks like it will fit fine, this style is supposed to be pretty loose so fit doesn't have to be precise.  I am going to have to buy undergarments that one can wear under white!  Hee.  I've also ordered a little round white cap from Safti Craft and a new, not falling apart coin scarf.  It may only be in the confines of my living room, but I will live out my being Fifi fantasies!

Actually, I think I'll be wearing all this at Shimmies for a Cure, a benefit for Dana Farber that I'm performing in on March 29 along with many other lovely ladies.  I was requested to perform my zar again, and while I really like my black and silver galibeya white is really more appropriate.  I have a ten minute slot, though, and I certainly cannot do a ten minute zar so I think I will create a folkloric montage culminating in the zar.  I think I wrote about this already.  Well, my brain is happy about it, so it keeps repeating itself. 

Saw the physical therapist yesterday; he noted that the section of my calf that went dead on me on Sunday was pretty swollen.  It's strange that it really doesn't hurt, but he thinks that it's stress from over use and that my thought that it was due to wearing shoes while dancing the previous day/week was probably correct.  More ice and elevation for me.  My foot itself was stiffer than a hunk of wood but he managed to loosen it up some.  The popping I get in that one toe is due to excess fluid in the ball of my foot--when I step on to it, the fluid gets pushed up into the toe--pop!--and when I release the pressure by taking weight off, the fluid rushes back into the ball of the foot--pop!  The fluid is just a product of swelling.  I did go to dance class last night and was good to my foot for the most part, though it really bothered me mentally not to be able to do everything.  Still, I'm finally accepting that I *must* back off a bit if I ever want this to get better.  Though I'm not accepting it very graciously, mind you.

The funniest part of the day yesterday was explaining to the PT the mechanics of getting out of a kneeling backbend.  It was not something he had ever considered before.  I'm edjumacatin' the PT staff!

A pro pro of nothing else in this post, I'm rather enjoying The Sarah Connor Chronicles as solid entertaining sci fi--first episode was rocky, but it's settling in well.  I like that the producers are unafraid to talk about morality and physics.
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Decided against the computer in my last entry, after some careful comparison shopping.  I did not realize that even if a drive has DVD in its name, it might not be a burner, just a player (thanks silentq for the heads-up there!).   I might go with a new Dell.  The question then is do I throw it on the existing credit card and increase my monthly payments or get a Dell card with an interest free payment period.  I don't really want to have more credit cards but that is probably the more financially sound way to do it.  Software I can get at educational pricing at the university where I work.

Talked to the PT yesterday about the pain I was in all last week and he agreed that he'd had me do too many calf raises of various sorts.  Nice to know it wasn't just that I'm weak, it really was too much.  I never complain about exercises hurting because I figure it's supposed to hurt, but probably I should rethink that a bit.  Anyway, I managed to get through dance class without a repeat of last week's agony, so that was good.  I spent more time flat-footed than I usually would.  Instead of thinking about how wierd it felt, I tried to think of it as working on different technique and that helped somewhat.  Anyway despite the flat footedness of the night, class was chock full of good stuff.  We did some baladi taqsim stuff towards the end that was just honey sweet. 

Dance plans:  I really want to be baladi girl this spring.  I know I already dance to a lot of baladi but I want to refine it and make it better.  I even have a white (yes, white!) galabeya on the way, just like Fifi's.  I have a ten minute show in March where I've been asked to do a zar--I'm certainly *not* going to do zar for ten minutes straight, but I think it will be a great opportunity to put together a little folkloric baladi suite.  I'm thinking maybe something heavy on the mizmars for cane, a lighter taqsim with a trailing sort of ending and then the zar.  I'll have to see what makes sense.  (Side note:  Za-Beth announced the details of the Morocco/Tarik workshop yesterday, Tarik is teaching shaabi!  Happiness!  I've already sent in my check :)

Funny, I quit the Middle East, but with the exception of February, I still have two shows a month from now until May.  I've just revamped my website with some real information, including "hey I'm available for parties," so we'll see if anything comes of that once I've listed myself with the search engines, link exchanges, etc.  I need to do some more work on the website over the next couple of days so I'm not providing a link at the moment, besides which it's going to move to a real URL once I register a domain name.  Also eventually it will be prettier, graphic design not being my forté.  But it feels like a lot of progress to have done even what I did.

Hair appointment tonight at a new salon.  Nervous/excited!
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So I can't justify spending the money to go to Dallas for Fifi Abdo this year, but I can manage to justify spending the money to buy last year's workshop DVDs!  It won't be the same as being there but it will be something, and I won't have to fight for floor space in my own living room ;-)
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My left calf muscles are still screaming at me from Tuesday's physical therapy and dance class.  It's definitely getting better, but it still rather feels like somebody is driving a large nail into the back of my leg, exactly right here.  I can see some broken blood vessels as well.  Will have to have a talk with the PT about this when I go back next Tuesday.  My foot feels ok, but this isn't really an acceptable trade off...

I did dance last night, because with two shows coming up next weekend I don't really have any choice.  Most things don't really hurt *while* I am dancing, it's only afterwards that the soreness sets in, despite stretching and ice.  So it's hard to gauge how much is too much.  I danced more than I meant to, an hour instead of 15-20 minutes.  It was productive, though.  And even if my calf is sore, I am happy to note that after several backbend-into-drops my quads and psoas are just fine.  Still, I really have to watch it.  Good thing I scaled back my performing when I did.  Though even without the Middle East in my schedule, I've got six or seven confirmed dates between now and the end of May.

In totally different news, here's a review of the Egyptian movie Salimle Ala Susu (Regards to Susu)Read more... )
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I just got an ad in my inbox from a major belly dance vendor, and one of the items they are advertising is a dancing horse costume!  I want one!  Any two people want to wear the costume and dance with me?  how can you resist this description:

"Dancing horses are of major importance in the equestrian traditions of Egypt. The dancing horses are known for their aptitude for performing to the tunes of the mizmar baladi and no troupe would be complete without the folkloric Arab Horse costume of Egypt. This costume is a two person ensemble complete with padded head, visual outlet hole, holding bars for front partner, back strip for second partner, and carry bag for easy pack up and carry. The paraphernalia of the horse is adorned with colorful tassels as well as ropes, a blanket, and harem pants with footies for both partners. The facial composition is pleasant and enjoyed by all. SaftiCraft is proud to produce such fine quality and design for your folk performance that mimics these beautiful Arab horses."

Well, a girl can dream, anyway.

Seti seems much better today.  Last night he seemed exhausted but comfortable, and overnight he ate a half day's worth of kibble.  His breathing is still a bit wet but all other systems are normal.  The more I think about it, the more I think it was a classic allergic reaction, with a swollen throat and the body trying to expel the allergen as quickly as possible.  It was reminiscent of when Pan had a severe reaction to his distemper shot, and the way Seti was unable to stay still reminds me of how my asthma attacks feel, I always feel compelled to keep moving as though I can somehow walk away from my swollen throat.  I'm even more sure that it was chocolate cake.  Brie cheese is also a possibility, but Seti is such a carb fiend that I have no doubt at all that he would eat cake crumbs if he found them.  Some ferrets tolerate chocolate, Amelia once ate a semi-sweet chocolate chip with no ill effects, but some react strongly to it and it looks like Seti would be one of the latter.  We will never forget to sweep up after a dinner party before letting him out ever again.  I had forgotten just how messy an eater my father-in-law is, like three-year-old messy.  I swear the next family gathering he gets a drop cloth.  Anyway Seti improved a lot and I feel much better about him.  In retrospect maybe we should have brought him to the vet.  He does have an appointment next Saturday so I can talk to Dr. G about it then and find out what to do if it ever happens again.

Chiropractor appointment today, yay!  I need it.
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Gypsy Cold Care Tea, you are my friend.  Dank damp weather, you are not so much my friend.

The gothic belly dance event will be July 1, it has been confirmed.  Once I think of a snappy name (there has to be some way I can play on the underground location of the theatre, without sounding too much like a certain recent dvd) I'll start promoting/booking performers.  I want to save the name Raks Spooki for the fall event, but I think I'll start using "a Raks Spooki (tm) production" as a tagline. 

People have signed up for my intro to gothic belly dance workshop.  I guess that means I have to teach it for real now.

Finally had the chance to work with my Magdy el Leisy meleya leff DVD this weekend--what a lot of fun!  I would run not walk to take a workshop with this man if it's ever geographically feasible.  The sound quality on the recording is pretty sketchy (the music is clear but his voice is muffled, he wasn't miked), but he doesn't give super detailed instruction anyway, it's more follow the bouncing butt style of teaching.  He seemed like a very warm and encouraging teacher, full of humor.  There was some tricky footwork in the choreography that will take me a few more tries to get right, but as I went through the DVD I became very aware that I am a fifth or so generation Reda descendant, because so many things made sense right away or were easily anticipated.  Actually, I guess if you count Amir Thaleb as a Reda student, then I am third generation.  Anyway, the material on the DVD was totally inspiring and I think I will do meleya this weekend at the Middle East, if I can fix up the beadwork on my galibeya in time.  Kind of a strange venue for meleya, I guess, but I think if my acting is strong enough people will enjoy it even if they don't actually get it.  I think I might pair it with a Hakim song and a short folkloric drum solo (a Mahmoud Fadl hagallah, maybe, but all of his drum solos fade at the end so maybe not) and just be all out baladi.  Because I never do that ;-)

We ate at Ixtapa Sunday night--it's on Mass Ave in Lexington just past the Arlington border (in the little strip mall after Busa's).  It was pretty darn tasty, although I was somewhat baffled by receiving a pint glass rimmed with salt and a lime with my negra modelo.  Somewhere some Mexican of German descent is rolling in his grave.  I had a kind of veggie combo platter with chiles rellenos and various enchiladas and M had fish tacos--it wasn't necessarily the most gourmet Mexican cuisine ever, but it was satisfying.  Also, they are open until 10pm on Sundays, which is a profound novelty for the area so I imagine we'll be going back.  The staff were all very hospitable as well.

Hungry now.


Feb. 23rd, 2007 06:28 pm
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Just found out that the title of the fun flirty cute baladi song I'm using in my set on Sunday means "Liar."  The funny thing is that this knowledge actually won't change my approach to it at all, except maybe to wink at the audience when the word is used--you could just tell the song was about a big tease who won't give her heart away :-)

 (It's Kazzab from Layali Al Sharq, for those readers who might have that album in their collection--I won't do it this weekend because I don't have the costuming for it yet, but at some point, i.e. after I get a full translation, I will definitely use this for meleya)


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