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Courage is paradoxical.  It asks us to risk something; but what do we risk?  Not our real selves.  We cannot lose what truly belongs to us.  Creative courage, then, implies only that we risk our easy answers and comfortable patterns for the sake of discovery.  And the true purpose of this risk-taking is to separate the wheat from the chaff in our inner makeup.  Within us lies an inner measure, the capacity to discriminate between integrity and falsehood.  Through creative risk-taking, we are asked to place in question, to release, that which is merely our automatic or learned characteristics--for the sake of growth and discovering our inner nature.  Though we may feel fear, we know from deep within that we must reorder our inner nature and loosen the dominance of our ego and false personality.  We are only risking the outer layers of conditioning that serve to hide us from ourselves.

Clearly, then, creativity requires courage.  Not arrogance, or false bravado, or pretension of any kind, but genuine courage.  The kind of courage that risks almost everything we know--in order to grow and expand and become what we are.

p174, The Widening Stream:  the Seven Stages of Creativity, by David Ulrich

I try.
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Destino is a collaboration between Salvador Dali and Walt Disney Studio, begun in 1945 and never completed for release until a few years ago. I do share with Andre Breton a view of Salvador Dali as a hackneyed media whore, but the freshness of this charms me into a nicer frame of mind. The animation is beautiful and one really wishes Disney or other major studios still did this kind of collaboration, but I think today it would be considered too unsafe. Ah well.

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on Halloween, we spent a very pleasant quiet classic New England fall afternoon at the DeCordova Sculpture Park.  I played with tigers.

more pictures )
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Casualty Menagerie was enormously entertaining last night.  We arrived just in time to secure two of the last couple of chairs in the room, despite extreme challenges finding nearby parking.  We used to do shows in Inman Square all the time and so should have known but somehow one always forgets to factor in parking.  It was a wonderfully cohesive show with Jojo the Burlesque Poetess providing commentary and flow throughout, with bands and comedians and singers and readings and burlesque and belly dance and general mayhem and mystery and mischieviousness.  

Particular highlights for me were a couple doing balance/contortion work who I'd not seen before--they did something like tango contortion fusion in a way that worked so effectively, merging the push and pull of tango with the push and pull of modern dance-ish counterbalance.  I think they still need to work a bit on the dance and emotional content to make it even better, but I could see loads of potential there.  Most of the modern day circus performers I've seen do their tricks to music, but the music is backdrop.  To me, incorporating the music makes it art.  Not that being a dancer makes me biased or anything.  I loved Emperor Norton's Stationary Marching Band, though I never would have thought they could all fit on the Lily Pad's stage.  Spitcurl's Sarah Palin burlesque brought down the house, and I think that burlesque as political commentary is an exciting avenue for her to pursue.  I really enjoyed Vermillion Lies, who were so adorable in that CocoRosie Michelle Shocked kind of way.  I would make a point of seeing them again, should the opportunity arise.  And finally Walter Sickert and the Army of Broken Toys rode all the energy of the night into a powerful performance, enhanced by live cello and violin.  Everything ended in a manic big huge dance to all the musicians still in the house playing along to ENSMB's cover of Sexy Back, sung of course as Circus Back.

I just finished listening to the Casualty Menagerie EP, and want to compliment the Army of Broken Toys and Lainey of the Steamy Bohemians on the excellent production work.  It captures the best things about seeing them live, cleaned up without becoming lifeless.  These are some achingly beautiful songs.

I was feeling very low energy by the end of the night, too tired to join in the dancing, which I figured was just because it was a long show, but this morning I am indubitably ill, stuffy head, achey stomach, sore everything.  I have two hours of studio time scheduled that I *have* to use because I need the prep, but spinning with isis wings is going to be challenging.  Maybe I can spin all the illness out of me.  Then dinner with a bunch of my family, which I am looking forward to, I just hope I have any energy left by then.  By chance I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow; if she'll give me drugs, I'll take them because I just can't get sick now.
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Yesterday I used Rachel Brice's Tribal Arms and Posture DVD.  My review )

This weekend I also started a decoupage project.  I've never done any before, so of course I am starting with big bangle bracelets instead of something sensible like a nice flat box or some such.  It's pretty addictively soothing, though.
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all I did last night was sit on the couch with my poor gastrocs on ice...Project Runway thoughts )
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man, I finally found the time to work on the arrow head for my Arrow of Apollo, and my Sculpey is all tough and useless!  I went to the Sculpey website to see if they had any tips for revitalizing it, and realized they don't even make the particular sort of Sculpey I had anymore.  Meh.  Guess I'll move along to sewing projects...

edited to add: apparently Sculpey does sell a product for softening old clay, but at $4 a bottle I might as well get fresh clay, especially since they seem to have improved the formula since the stuff I have was released. This time I'll know to wrap it up tightly when I'm done with it!


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