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Jul. 24th, 2017 05:50 pm
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Since my parents emailed me to ask if I was doing okay, I figure I should update here too.

Been and will be out of town a lot. I had two busy stretches in a row that were 5 weekends travelling out of 6 (from mid May: Convergence, Saint John, western MA wedding, camping NH), then 5 weekends out of 7 (Tough Mudder, camping NH, business trip, Fantasia, camping VT). I've been spending a lot of hours training since Tough Mudder fell in there (it felt easier this year, a lot of the obstacles were scaled back, like only 1 Berlin Wall, 1 Block Ness Monster, and Arctic Enema had less ice and a gap I could squeeze through w/o going under water again) and I have a second one coming up in < 1 month.

I just got back from a week long business trip to London Ontario where I got to catch up with my high school friend L, while the other member of our trio, W., was house sitting for me in Boston (our trips lined up perfectly badly so we didn't see each other *grump*). Memorable training moments for me: pretty much kept up with L during an hour long park workout (she's in the OCR world championships, and went on to place first in our age group at her race this weekend), and finally (omfg FINALLY) completed the Fitocracy Athena Reborn quest. The 115lb barbell back squat has been my nemesis for *years*, turns out that all the skiing and running and kettlebells got me past my 100lb barrier for a PR. I'm super happy about that. :-) The hotel gym was awesome, with both KBs and a barbell set up, and it's got me reinvigorated to get a barbell set up for my basement.

Then I spent my rare weekend at home catching lots of different kinds of music:
Friday: flew home in the afternoon, then went from the airport, home to drop off suitcase, over to Brighton Music Hall for a sold out show of Dragonforce. Loved them in Austria, it was super fun to see them again with that whole crew plus some more local friends.
Saturday I spent decompressing and doing all the laundry then made a bit of a last minute decision to attend an opera fundraiser party at a cool loft space. Oh, man, being < 20 feet from an opera singer as they belt out arias is intense. I also got to dance a lot to one of my many favourite Goth/Industrial DJs, and ran into a guy who works in my building, and also pushed past shyness to talk to lots of new people. I had to bail when the heat got to me as more people arrived.
Sunday was book club, a clothing swap (new corset! and house deco bits!), then heading to ONCE to see an alternative band from Beijing, RE-TROS. Super small crowd, maybe 30-40 people, but a rockin' show, their influences of Bauhaus and Joy Division were on full display and I was bopping along to the music the whole time.

I'm working an extra hour every day this week so I can take off Friday afternoon to go to Montreal for Fantasia this weekend (flying back to maximise time there with no time to take off). Then a camping weekend in VT. Then a weekend off before Tough Mudder 2 lands. My last event is Sept 8 then I can scale back a tiny bit on training, but I'm buying a MAX pass this year and will need my legs to be in great shape for all the skiing. :-)

House wise: have fans sitting waiting to be installed (note to self: call electrician again), outside work got done while I was away just waiting for the invoice, have to fix my bathroom cold water tap, finish painting that bench, and replace the stupid refrigerator ASAP (I pulled it out and vacuumed the dust build up, but the compressor is going). On the upside, my place is super clean and organised since I got it in shape for W. to stay.


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