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To add to my driving angst, last night as I drove home a dog ran out in front of my car.  Stop jumping in front of me, animal kingdom!  Luckily I'd already noticed the unleashed dog bouncing around on the side of the road and was prepared to stop.  Pretty angry at the owner for letting the dog be off-leash alongside a busy road (Route 3 in Winchester).

But in happier news, I got exactly the music I wanted for Moksa next month: Tamra Henna, clarinet taqsim and drum solo.  Tamra Henna and the clarinet taqsim might not flow one into the other all that well, but hey, that's the band's problem, not mine ;-)  I actually really like the version of Tamra Henna that they do, their timing is pretty tight and it has more dynamics than one might expect from a predominantly non-Arabic style band.  It's one of my favorite pieces of dance music.

Ended up going on another two hour walk after work last night.  Still didn't see any owls, but I heard them calling to each other as they began their evening activities.  I do think I found where the red-tailed hawks will be nesting this year.  I watched one hawk fly up into a nest in a white pine and proceed to do some nest construction behavior; they do tend to visit a few different nests before settling on one to use for the year, but I think by now they should have made a final choice.  I'll keep checking it out and hopefully we'll get to see more baby hawks this year.  Randomly I also found a pile of entrails on the side of one of our roads.  Looked like bunny or woodchuck from the size of it.  Fascinating, if a bit awful.

For some reason, LJ won't post entries that I compose on my work desktop, using Chrome or Firefox.  Is this just me, or are other people having problems?


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